Zheng xiuwen’s concert list


Your heart – felt concert is finally here! Zheng xiuwen’s 2019 concert in Hong Kong will kick off on July 12 at hung hom stadium. You should know that our diva zheng xiuwen’s live charm at the concert is quite charming, not only singing and dancing well, but also more amazing look!

Zheng xiuwen is a singer and actress from Hong Kong, China. In 1988, he won the third place in the seventh rookie singing contest. She released her first cantonese album cheng soo-man in 1990. In 1996, 1997 and 2001, she won the “most popular female singer award” three times at the ten best songs awards ceremony. In November 2000, she released the album “happy happy“. In 2009, zheng xiuwen started “Love Mi zheng xiuwen world tour 2009”. By 2015, she had held more than 160 solo concerts at home and abroad. In 2011, he was awarded music outstanding performance singer award by Hong Kong performing artists association.

Known as the queen of Hong Kong music industry, cheng is famous for her varied image, singing and dancing. Fans who had seen her concert praised her not only for her beautiful sweet voice but also for her moving dance moves. Zheng xiuwen each concert is the basic stage to let a person stunning, unprecedented pomp. The atmosphere was very good. On the concert, her every time 100 change shape, let a person praise. When singing fast songs, her physical strength of singing and dancing is really admirable. In particular, sammi has a lot of fast songs at every concert. So her perseverance and persistence is how unimpeachable.