Zheng xiuwen’s 100 concert records


In 2019, zheng xiuwen completed the record of 100 concerts in the red hall.

On December 24, 2009, zheng xiuwen began her “Love Mi zheng xiuwen world tour 2009”. By 2015, she has held more than 160 solo concerts at home and abroad. In 2011, he was awarded music outstanding performance singer award by Hong Kong performing artists association. The 2012 romantic comedy love Ⅱ of high altitude. 2013 starred in the film blind detective; 2014 starred in the romantic comedy temporary living together. In 2015, she starred in the urban romance film “prenuptial agreement” and held the “Touch Mi world tour concert“.

Famous singer zheng xiuwen recently posted two beautiful photos of herself on the Internet, showing off her slender arms in a sleeveless plaid tank top and red lips as before. She just held a concert a few days ago must be very successful and smooth, from the smile to see the mood is very good.

But in the second photo, she twisted her body and revealed a flaw that surprised many online users. The wrinkles on her belly were obvious. Attention to zheng xiuwen friends know that she is famous for her love of fitness, in order to maintain a perfect body, every day to exercise without stopping, even if sometimes they are very busy or take time, often in the design platform to share their fitness after the effect. Before her waistline but very star, this time there are wrinkles on the belly is incredible.

Perhaps because of her age, now that she’s 47 years old, she doesn’t exercise her body as much as young people do, and her belly is already a little flabby.

After all, the age is placed there, who can escape but natural aging, but the figure is reversed on the belly wrinkles also belong to the normal phenomenon, many fans and Internet users see zheng xiuwen aging traces said distressed, hope xu zhian can treat zheng xiuwen, after all, like derailment so wrong she has been forgiven!