Zhang yixing’s Hong Kong concerts have sold out


LAY, LAY, was born in changsha, hunan province on October 7, 1991. He is a popular male singer and actor in mainland China.

In 2005, zhang yixing participated in the contest of “star academy” in hunan province and won the third place in the finals. In 2008, I was selected by S.M. Casting System in China and became an intern of south Korean SM company. In April 2012, he started his career as a member of EXO group and its sub-team exo-m. Zhang yixing opened his personal studio in China on April 8, 2015. In may, zhang yixing gained widespread attention for his role in the inspirational reality show extreme challenge.

In June 2016, he won the best supporting actor award in the fourth china-uk film festival with the romantic comedy ex-partner 2: the rebound fight. In the same year, he also released his debut album “LOSE CONTROL” and won two awards for his album of the year and the best male singer in the mainland. In October 2017, released his second album, SHEEP; In the same year, he was nominated for the best supporting actor award at the 9th Macao international film festival for his war film the great cause of an army. In January 2018, participated in iQIYI variety show idol trainee. Zhang yixing’s research report on social responsibility of Chinese film and television stars (2017-2018) was released on September 2, 2018, and zhang yixing ranks fourth.

Though he’s the main dancer in the EXO band, zhang yixing’s versatility has also been under the spotlight. He has demonstrated his piano, guitar, creative ability, and even his ability to answer questions and cook dishes in several programs and activities. Hosting is also a “new skill” that was later discovered, which can be described as “more skills than pressure”. Behind his handsome appearance, zhang yixing has a calm, composed, hard-working and persistent character that is rarely seen among his peers. His seriousness and modesty have been the main reasons why he has been praised by people working in the media industry