Zhang yixing’s Hong Kong concert explozes


Lay is an all-round development of artist, he is not only good acting, singing, since the debut in the film and television, music, and other fields constantly breakthrough self, to bring us good work and is very popular, so they often invited to participate in a variety of large-scale variety show, through these reality shows, from his handsome appearance, we also see a lot of good qualities, such as his calm and composed, serious and humble, effort and persistence, such a perfect love, don’t want to let people like is difficult! Yesterday (July 14) night, lay great maritime tour 2019 at mountain city of chongqing, stage he set of bums and modelling the whole stage at the scene, show extreme glamour!

Lay studio official weibo bask in the lay of handsome appearance stage, first to see him this strong opening modelling, dyed their hair blond, individuality and grab an eye; Wearing a short patchwork coat with a white shirt stylish and cool, with a pair of black pants all show sedate temperament! I don’t know if you have seen the scene video, zhang yixing on the stage is really qi field open, singing and dancing excellent, he always speaks with strength, standing on the top of the stage he is a king!

Look at the shape is a very handsome, the lay on the stage in a blue fringed leather coat, very natural and unrestrained handsome, not only added a shining blingbling tassel more stage, four black dancer at the scene, in C a lay particularly aura, arbitrary switching between swagger with lovely showed the perfect stage of Kings unique charm!

Zhang yixing is handsome in his super hot look. He wears orange overalls on stage with a necklace. In addition, zhang yixing also showed his demonstration of not dressing well. (left photo) you can see that his upper body of semi-one-piece overalls is only half worn, which makes him very cute and handsome. (right picture) look at the back photo, zhang yixing simply put down the sleeves tied in the waist, not only show a good figure after fitness, but also energetic, full of hormone breath revealed!