Zhang yixing’s first solo tour


Recently, zhang yixing’s first solo concert tour in chongqing has been officially launched. With the strong fan traffic, plus his first solo concert tour since his debut 7 years ago, the tour plan has attracted much attention since its release. With the opening of Shanghai and chongqing stations, the discussion of “grand voyage concert” has been heated. Domestic plant skin care brand spring summer as the title brand of “yi xing 2019 grand voyage concert tour” chongqing station combined with online and offline play out a full marketing wave of “xing”, easily gained a large number of young fans, expanding the influence of spring and summer brand.

Spring and summer X creative theme posters

< / p > < p > spring and summer shui run set sail, together with Captain Lay on a voyage to the big sea

With the coming of national entertainment and the era of fans’ economy, brand owners have been aiming at the market of young fans. Zhang yixing, as a new generation force in the domestic entertainment industry, has great appeal among young people. Seven years of his career, he has produced an amazing report card. His insistence on original music and achievements in the music field have been recognized by the industry insiders. This spring and summer, as the title dealer of “yi xing 2019 grand voyage tour concert” in chongqing, is also because the concert is a depression of brand marketing value. With the wave of consumption upgrading, many concerts are mainly targeted at young people, and young and rich fans are the high-quality target group that the brand attaches great importance to. At the same time, with the help of the singer’s appeal, the fan economy can be leveraged, and the discussion among fans can promote the activity heat, which can strengthen fans’ impression on the brand at the commercial level, so as to achieve win-win marketing.