Zhang Yixing’s dance style


Zhang Yixing debuted as a member of EXO in 2012 and debuted as a leader in EXO-M. Although he was a lead dancer, he was not a practice dancer. He was very late when he studied dance. At that time, his bones were basically shaped, so he said that he was biting his teeth for the dance. It is well known that SM has a strict selection system. It is possible that in a hundred trainees, only ten debuts will be selected, and the company’s requirements for dance will be stricter. Zhang Yixing, a young man, is alone in a foreign country. He keeps working hard for his own dreams. He often trains late at night in the dance studio. His teammates are resting and he is still insisting.

So later, Zhang Yixing also won the title of “human metronome” and “stepping on the madman”, because his rhythm card is too accurate, and the beat of the music is not bad at all, of course, if there is a small partner who does not believe I went to search for the video of Zhang Yixing’s dance. Although Yixing’s rhythm is very good, some people say that Zhang Yixing’s early dance is very good, but it is also very mechanical. Then why is he mechanical? Xiaobian thinks that it may be the way of practicing dance in Yixing in the early years. In order to dance well, I will grind myself. But there is no way, the body has missed the best practice time, so you can only train yourself in this way, so it is not easy.

But now it seems that Yixing has gradually found his own style of dancing. Zhang Yixing’s current dance is still very good at the rhythm, but at the same time it also adds some charm in it. When doing the action, it seems to slow down the rhythm, but when the rhythm point comes, it suddenly makes force, and it is a kind of rigid The effect of the economy. Zhang Yixing’s body is very light, and this is also a reason. When he was practicing dancing, he wanted to find the lightness of his body. He tied his body to a sandbag and practiced it. It took a long time to practice, so Yixing also caused it. A serious waist injury, often can not hurt yourself, even on the plane was found in the aisle by the flight attendant, it is really distressing.