Zhang yixing’s concerts are worth the ticket price


Speaking of a concert that passersby found “expensive,” fans have been able to prove that zhang yixing’s show is indeed worth the price. As for why fans bought tickets for this concert, xiao ba also made an analysis, hoping to explain why the yixing concert is worth the price from the perspective of fans.

First of all, this is zhang yixing’s first solo tour, which is great for fans who claim to be at his side all the way, especially since Shanghai is his first stop. Plus, Shanghai is a transportation hub, and living standards in jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai are generally high. These ticket prices are not comparable to what zhang yixing’s concerts can bring, so most fans will not find it too hard.

The second point is that zhang yixing’s traffic status has led to a big increase in his ticket prices. In today’s traffic age, everything about his idol has its own great added value, such as huang zitao’s concert. Although the lowest amount is only 180 yuan, the highest amount is 1,500 yuan. Zhang yixing’s concert markup isn’t that great.

Thirdly, those who often watch concerts should know that it is difficult to get tickets for many popular concerts. Many fans have to buy tickets from scalpers in order to see their idols’ concerts. Zhang yixing’s tickets are a lot more expensive, and if zhang yixing can get rid of scalpers, the show isn’t too expensive, because many people are used to buying tickets from scalpers.

Fourth, lay lay’s immersive stage at his concerts. According to zhang’s fans, zhang is the only immersive show he has ever staged in China, and he has devoted a lot of money to it. Small eight inquiry foreign immersive concert, probably is the picture below, and this concert is basically related to sailing, can see the sailboat in the center of the stage, looks immersive means to let the audience have a feeling of immersive. Specific how to wait until after the opening to see the truth.

Overall, though, ticket prices are a matter of opinion, and they are generally set by the market. With the current sellout trend, it’s clear yi xing has proved that he’s worth the price, so the controversy can be laid to rest. One fan even wrote online: “is 1991 a bargain?”

It can be said that the ticket is a happy situation, of course, did not grab the ticket fans are not happy, but there are several times after the opening of the time, fans can prepare in advance. Of course, though zhang zhang has been successful at selling tickets at first, his ability to sell tickets will be tested over time. Hopefully, zhang zhang will prove his popularity in the market.