Zhang yixing’s 2019 tour to Hong Kong


Zhang yixing’s personal tour will be held in Shanghai, chongqing, nanjing and Beijing in 2019. Zhang yixing’s personal tour was made public on May 24, and information about zhang yixing’s personal tour has been posted online since.

When is zhang yixing’s sailing concert

Zhang yixing‘s first Shanghai concert will be held on July 6, 2019. Zhang yixing’s ticket price for the Shanghai concert is: 580/980/1280/1680. Zhang yixing released the concept poster of his “great voyage” tour on May 24, announcing that his first solo tour will be officially launched. The tour will be staged in Shanghai, chongqing, nanjing and Beijing. Together with the dream adventure, super singing and dancing strength of PD zhang will present a wonderful stage, look forward to!

Lay also recently released a new album, Honey | and you. The Shanghai stop will be held at the mercedes-benz cultural center, 1200 shibo avenue, on July 6, and interested fans can follow it on Saturday. The Mercedes Benz cultural center in Shanghai has an 18, 000-seat home stadium, and ticket sales are expected to be tight.

This is also his first solo concert. Since his debut in 2012, he has released many albums and singles. As a member of EXO in South Korea, he is also very popular. Before many times it has been announced that zhang yixing will hold a solo concert, and talk about the concert guests, the guest information is not public, we still look forward to the next.

Zhang yixing is about to hold a concert in Hong Kong on August 17, 2019. If you love zhang yixing, please visit Hong Kong.