Zhang yixing went to EXO to see the concert


Yi xing arrived at incheon airport on his way home after a trip to Seoul on Sunday evening, showing off his new and capable look with a black knit hat and black jacket and black bag. It is reported that in the waiting time art xing wearing headphones, immersed in the music world. This head of fluffy little curly hair, plus this eye contact, South Korea nuna heart ah! It’s about to melt, cool and soft curly.

In fact, art xing went to South Korea on July 25th and returned to China from South Korea on July 27th. Art xing spent more than two days in Seoul. What was it doing? This time point, dare to guess, is not secretly to see the EXO concert to go.

What surprises will we get from going to artis studio this time? Dare to guess that art xing secretly went to the exo concert? After all, at this point in time. Xiumin no.28 also appeared in the concert. Although he could not perform on the same stage for various reasons, as long as there was a group spirit, he could get together no matter what, because we are one. When the big brother’s face appeared on the big screen of the concert, the younger brothers shouted “Kim min-sik” happily on the stage like a smelly kid, and the elder brother stood up shyly with ally stick and saluted to the younger brothers.

Art hing is always concerned about its members, and exo’s spirit is always there. We love the people as always make us proud, touched, chasing the stars on the road are egos, happiness is always EXO. With the Exo group of six busy on the five rounds, art xing is gearing up for a solo concert tour. At the same time on both sides, this time art xing went to South Korea, really can not say why. Every time yixing went to South Korea, no one knew about it until they returned home.