Zhang Yixing strength hold live


Changsha’s little pride, Zhang Yixing, is going to have a concert in Hong Kong. Friends who haven’t seen it are hurrying up. Let’s witness Zhang Yixing’s sailing concert in Hong Kong.

Zhang Yixing (LAY), born on October 7, 1991 in Changsha, Hunan Province, is a popular male singer, film and television actor in the Mainland, and a member of the Chinese singing group EXO/EXO-M. In 2005, Zhang Yixing participated in the Hunan Star TV “Star Academy” competition and won the finals of the season. In 2008, the selection of S.M. Casting System in China became a trainee of SM Company of Korea. In April 2012, he officially debuted as an EXO group and its member EXO-M.

On August 3, 2019, in Beijing, Zhang Yixing held a “Great Navigation” concert. His white one-piece overalls sings and dances very eye-catching, the rest of the shape is also full of highlights, black sequins with elegant gentleman, red sequins loaded with modern and very charming… pink silk shirt is bungee jumping, showing a good figure. The concert was hot, the fans came to the venue early, the lighting was beautiful, the whole picture was like the stars and the sea was spectacular; Zhang Yixing controlled the music to control the stage, and the performance of the shaft dressing was still full; his singing voice was gentle. Tension, strength hold the audience; dancing is powerful and sultry, using the body to perfectly interpret every detail, it is a steady strength.

In 2014, Zhang Yixing joined the Korean Music Authoring Association as a registered composer [70]. In April 2015, Zhang Yixing set up a personal studio in China, and then the focus will be shifted to the domestic market, but it will still participate in the combined group activities of EXO members, and will not affect the overall development plan of EXO.