Zhang yixing sailing concert look forward to


Zhang yixing is about to open his concerts. One of them is in Hong Kong. I’m really looking forward to it.

In December 2010, zhang yixing performed in place of injured member chung hyun during a concert tour in Japan by the company band SHINee as a public trainee.

On January 17, 2012, LAY LAY made his debut as a member of the boy band EXO in SM company, and released the trailer for his solo appearance and the first solo dance trailer “PHOENIX PHOENIX“. On April 8, he started his career as a member of EXO group and its sub-team exo-m China. On December 29th, as The only Chinese main dance group, The dance elite of SM entertainment group gathered into “SM7” to participate in The special stage Performance of S.M. The Performance.

In December 2013, EXO returned with the Christmas special miracle of December, while zhang yixing’s piano playing on stage has been recognized by the media and professional musicians. Zhang yixing also played piano accompaniment at the EXO FANMEETING in Japan in April 2014.

As the all-round development artist of the new generation in China, yixing keeps breaking through himself in music and various fields of film and television, bringing good music and film and television works to the public. He “old nine door” the February red love that personate in the personate comes crazy wrap up heavy affection heavy righteousness, having multiple identity and complex disposition, go up in appearance and temperament, the February red of yi xing already be strident, form and spirit have both, wen run temperament shows the charm of the republic of China. During the filming, zhang yixing not only practiced Peking Opera hard, but also showed impressive acting skills in several important performances. Zhang yixing plays the role of the second ye at laojiu gate with his good looks and infectious performance.