Zhang Yixing is an all-round artist


Zhang Yixing is proficient in pianos, guitars, cucurbits and other musical instruments. He was immersed in the composition of the 13-year-old composer. Since then, there have been works.

Zhang Yixing publicly composed “I’m Lay” in the concert of EXO Seoul; since June, he has carried out activities in China in his own name, and has hosted the “Music Billboard” and “Global Chinese Music List” and participated in the recording. Variety shows such as “Star Chef Drive”, “The Secret Room of the Stars” and “The Age Show” [18-19]; On September 19th, the special correspondent was invited to participate in the Incheon Asian Games of CCTV-5 (CCTV-5). The program visited the CCTV studio; on December 31st, in the Hunan Satellite TV New Year’s concert, the self-made track “I’m Coming” was again released and the dance technique was performed.

In 2014, Zhang Yixing joined the Korean Music Authoring Association as a registered composer [70]. In April 2015, Zhang Yixing set up a personal studio in China, and then the focus will be shifted to the domestic market, but it will still participate in the combined group activities of EXO members, and will not affect the overall development plan of EXO. At the same time, SM Company gave Zhang Yixing the right to independently carry out all personal brokerage affairs in China, including film and television, music, business cooperation, etc., without interfering with his work arrangements in China, and fully supporting his development in China, and Zhang Yixing also became SM. The company has been the first Chinese artist to open its independent development rights in China since its establishment.

Of course, Zhang Yixing is also actively engaged in public welfare. The public recognizes his identity as a good young model and has always been committed to delivering positive energy to young people.

Zhang Yixing’s first solo concert – Hong Kong Station, I will see you.