Zhang yixing responds to zhang yixing’s lip-synching scandal at his concert


Lay concert in Beijing concert on August 3, is the lay of four concerts, also is the mainland’s final games. Zhang yixing posted a long post on August 4, saying: “you can’t cry, but there’s a lot more to talk about.” Long blog tells the story of his life feeling in detail and dedication to the music, hope you can sing to 60 years old, everyone remember lay is the producer, is a singer, he also responded to the Shanghai concert of lip-synching dispute, said the team was very angry want to send a statement, but I can’t agree that their “stage by stage solution, all questions are progress space tip for you. I would be angry and grateful.”

Lay lay’s song list is as follows:

Song 1: “SHEEP” is written by Dom.T, lay lay, lay lay, devine-channel, JDODD, lay lay and lay lay. Through the strong drumming and melody, this song breaks the public’s traditional cognition of sheep. It turns out that sheep can also have animal nature, which can be freely closed and released. They are not only docile, but also handsome and wild, free and unrestrained, full of energy.

Track 2: yi yi is a song written, composed and performed by zhang yixing. “I need someone to love me, not wait alone every day.” The plaintive but not heartbreaking lyrics are paired with zhang yixing’s young but soulful vocals, which are touching.

Song 3: monologue is a song written, composed, arranged and performed by zhang yixing. The acoustic guitar and piano melody and the soliloquy of the man lead the mood of the song to the climax. The exquisite vocal line leads the man’s mournful emotions to be expressed, leading the exquisite guitar performance of the whole song to be particularly impressive.

Song 4: “Christmas comes again” is written by liu yuan, with music by zhang yixing and Onestar. One of zhang yixing’s songs has a particularly high climax, but zhang yixing is great at it, proving that zhang yixing is great. Zhang yixing’s 4 songs, “Sheep” made the list. I’ve heard all of them. I call you god.