Zhang yixing is really a magic man


Zhang yixing’s NAMANANA ranks no. 1 in the world and has broken nine records in domestic sales. According to Billboard, zhang yi’s new song NAMANANA has been on 6 charts, including Billboard200 at no. 21, Billboard200 at no. 1, Social no. 50 at no. 7, Top Album Sales at no. 4, Digital Album at no. 14, and Independent Album at no. 1. The domestic digital album also broke nine records, took the sales chart year chart first good achievement!

Zhang yixing is really amazing, he can make you lick your face at the bottom of the hole, shake your legs with his music, and keep you alert on your values and attitude. He won 6 lists at one time, and his efforts will yield results. He is going to America soon, so he will continue to work hard and look forward to better results in the future. After the release of the new song, he mentioned that the creation inspiration of this song is that he once ate beef in a hotel, and then felt a little bloated feeling in his stomach. Later, he made a burp, which made him feel special at that moment. Later, he got the inspiration of the song, and finished part of the song.

I still remember when I saw the MV of NAMANANA for the first time, I really liked every picture in it. It’s really beautiful. It’s amazing. Attention was drawn to the mirrors in the video, so many of them, like magic, telling you “welcome to the rain forest”. The ship in the distance, like a mirage, is more of a dream. It is carrying a dream. His unwavering sobriety and dedication to the pursuit of pure land are his secret to build a rainforest, a legend.

However, as such an excellent singer, he could feel his pressure and ambition. He released three albums and achieved great achievements. Instead of being complacent, he became more calm. He is insecure, pessimistic, and idealistic. He puts too much pressure on himself and fears that his negative feelings will affect others. The elder brother lives too soberly, it is also important to learn how to release pressure as an artist. Let’s hope he doesn’t look like he’s having a good time, but that he’s actually having a good time every day. Even if there is a bad mood, it can be released in a timely and appropriate situation.