Zhang yixing is one of exo menmber


Zhang yixing, one of his four returning sons, recently opened his own solo tour. It’s been said that in recent years, Lu Han, kris wu and other early idols have started their own concert career. Zhang yixing has called his upcoming concert tour “the great voyage,” and has great ambitions to launch a new career.

Even before the concert, there has been a lot of online debate about the issue, including allegations that the poster was copied. Zhang’s studio hastily denied the rumor that the poster was authorized. Fare then becomes another hot topic, according to the ticket website, according to lay the ticket prices from 520 to 1991 in Shanghai, five file price also has its own meaning, 1007 is the birthday of lay, 1548 is the day of creation studio, 1991 is the year of birth, lay the other two are representing love.

While well meaning, but really this ticket prices compared to the same type of some high, compared with the old singer of mayday, lay the fare is higher than many, and tao also concert in Shanghai less than 200, the lowest fare even now pop star jay Chou’s concert, ticket prices also missed with lay ticket prices are similar, so lay ticket prices, many people are skeptical about this.

However, xiaoba thinks that since zhang yixing and his team dare to set such a price, they naturally have their own considerations and judgment on the market. Zhang yixing sold out his 6,600 tickets at Shanghai within seconds of their release, and though tickets have been sold since, the fact that tickets have been sold for the first time is a huge boost to zhang’s career.