Zhang yixing is hot at his nanjing concert


Lay the nanjing concerts on the evening of 20 in the youth Olympic sports park stadium concert. As the third leg of 2019 great voyages concert tour, lay show happy times, “hope to become your best memories tonight’s concert.” ? Zhang yixing, who shows his purple hair, continues his style from the previous two shows, singing and dancing 19 energetic songs in a row, and showing his naughty and interesting side in the interactive section. Zhang yixing also expressed his gratitude to his fans. Besides playing “little gift”, he also sang “I miss you” impromptu. In addition, li ronghao, the friend of concert cue, is also an amazing tacit understanding of “no rong yi” group. The evening performance ended with the applause of the audience.

After the pink hair of Shanghai station and the golden hair of chongqing station, zhang yixing of nanjing station appeared with purple hair on the same day. His bright hair color was consistent with his aid color. The ever-changing hair colors have prompted netizens to wonder, “what color will yi xing be next?” cars only In addition, zhang yixing has made a new breakthrough in his personal style. Zhang yixing has chosen a fluorescent green suede jacket with high saturation at the nanjing station. The overall figure is light and energetic, and it is the first time that zhang yixing has worn it globally. In addition to the eye-catching clothes, zhang yixing has an ax to pin over the details of his concerts. The tasteful sunglasses are retro and elegant, and netizens have left messages asking for links.