Zhang Yixing concert sing HONEY


Today, Zhang Yixing‘s new EP “HONEY” is officially released, and the new song Honey MV is also online. This pre-sale 3 minutes of sales broke through 10 million, and the album that broke the platform’s nine-level certification record was officially launched. This new album, Zhang Yixing, once again became an album producer, combining Funk, Trap, Dance pop, Hiphop and other genres to make M-POP more visual and expressive, with a sense of high quality and futuristic.

The new song Honey MV is also very ornamental, with the bee as a clue to bring people into the mysterious honeycomb space. Each frame of the rhythm of the gestures perfectly fits the drum beat of the music, showing the cool dance of Zhang Yixing’s super strength and the sleek and attractive body lines.

It is reported that Zhang Yixing will bring the performance stage of the new EP “HONEY” in the upcoming 2019 Zhang Yixing Tour Concert [Great Navigation], and look forward to the audio-visual feast of the all-round musician Zhang Yixing.

Each guest in the new program performed a song, and the impressive one must be the combination of Zhang Yixing and Ouyang Nana. Their performance of “Honey” has added new elements, especially Ouyang Nana’s violin solo, which makes this song particularly nice. Zhang Yixing and Ouyang Nana are rare in the same box, but fortunately, the two people’s cooperative performance is very tacit, bringing the audience an amazing “Honey”.

Zhang Yixing and Ouyang Nana belong to an economic company, and they are all hot traffic stars in the entertainment industry. Zhang Yixing is a singer-song singer, but his acting skills have become more and more mature under the adjustment of several brothers. Ouyang Nana is 19 years old. It is really enviable to have such a small age. Many people’s impression of Ouyang Nana is that the cello is particularly good, but in this cooperation with Zhang Yixing, singing is also amazing to many people, it is simply open!