Zhang Yixing concert live introduction


Zhang Yixing [microblogging] 2019 nautical tour concert was first held in Shanghai, the scene was a purple light sea. Zhang Yixing sang the songs of “Assembly”, “MASK”, “SHEEP”, “I NEED U“, “Gravity of Love”, “RELAX” and so on, showing the dual strength of dance and singing, and the fans cheered. At the concert, Zhang Yixing is a fan of deep affection. Thank you for your company, and I will give back to you with better works.

On the day of the concert, Zhang Yixing’s pink hairstyle, wearing the embroidered Phnom Penh “Captain” service debut, the big show dance skills, attracted fans screams constantly, the adaptation of the classic work “sheep” is to make fans a refreshing. After that, Zhang Yixing’s hot songs were bombarded. In the end, Zhang Yixing was sitting in front of the piano and sang “RELAX“. Zhang Yixing also said: This concert will be very weighty. I hope that the best ones in the good music works will be brought to you, and thank you for your continued support.

In the interaction with the live fans, Zhang Yixing revealed the reason for the concert name “Great Navigation”: “This is a boat that can’t turn around. I hope that I am the captain. You are passengers. I hope to take you to all the beautiful and moving. Landscape, even if one day you will disembark.” Not only that, Zhang Yixing also expressed his affectionate fans: “We met a long time ago, each of you will have the most important person in your life, I am very honored, now I hear the answer I am more unanimous. Thank you very much for your support and my company, so that I can go to this day. I have met many people who are very important to me. I am honored to be able to accompany you through so many years of youth, I I hope that even if the most precious person in your heart changes one day, the time I have spent with you, these days are happy times that make everyone worth remembering.”