Wang Lihong sang in Hangzhou


Wang Lihong’s “Dragon’s Successor 2060” World Tour Concert, which was postponed for one day by Typhoon “Litchma”, was successfully held yesterday at the “Large Lotus” Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center Stadium.

At 19:23, a slight delay of 5 minutes with the scheduled 18 points, Wang Lihong finally appeared in front of the audience, a “Gale of Heroes” kicked off the entire concert, bringing a “music revelry” to 50,000 live audiences “.

At the end of the song, Wang Lihong sincerely said: “It’s too difficult. Standing here yesterday, there is no one, it is raining down, thinking that this is a concert that is impossible. You are too powerful! Nothing can stop us, right. wrong?!”

As the first concert after the completion of the Hangzhou Olin Expo Center Stadium, our reporter also brought the first-hand “big lotus” pro-testing experience.

Security door peripherals on the ground

Admission to go through a security check two tickets

Unlike the Huanglong Stadium, the security gate of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium is directly placed on the flat ground outside the stadium. After this, the next ticket can be checked. This setting is the same as Shanghai Meiben Hall and Beijing Wukesong.

There are 5 entrances on the outermost side of “Big Lotus”. The audience can choose different entrances according to their concert location. The fifth port corresponds to the northwest gate of the infield and the vicinity of the stand of the A area. The second port is near the southeast gate of the infield and the vicinity of the F zone.

After entering the home court, it was divided into two infield gates – the southeast gate and the southwest gate, and two staff backstage entrances – the northwest gate and the northeast exit, each with an entrance more than the Huanglong Stadium.

If you get a stand ticket, you need to go up the stairs to reach the second floor, in order to check in. There are two grandstand ticket gates on the second floor, corresponding to Zone A and Zone F, respectively.

Therefore, from admission to seating, you will pass a security check and two check-ins.