Wang Lihong 2019 World Tour Finalization

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Wang Lihong’s “Dragon’s Successor 2060” World Tour Concert Tianjin Station is about to open. It is reported that this concert was hosted by Contemporary Oriental, co-sponsored by Taihe Music Group, operated by Aramco Entertainment, and hosted by Huaying Oriental Culture Exchange (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., selected as the largest and most beautiful stadium in Jinmen. Water droplets” (Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium).

The Water Drop Stadium has the world’s top level hardware support, full-featured and advanced facilities, and can accommodate up to 60,000 people to watch the show at the same time. It can be seen that Wang Lihong is the power and influence of the powerful superstar.

The top venues, the coolest dances, the most advanced lighting technology, the most international production team, plus Wang Lihong’s most “can play” value and music strength, will surely bring the perfect audience to the audience. Music feast.

From “Baham” to “European“, the musical artifacts reappeared?

Previously, Wang Lihong’s “Dragon’s Successor 2060” tour concert brought different levels of audio-visual feasts to fans around the world. Every time the scene was packed, the lights were shining, the fans were bursting, or they were so excited that the atmosphere was lively.

Wang Lihong, who likes musical instruments to almost indulge, also personally found a guitar and piano with a dragon-shaped logo – “Baham” and “Europe” to enhance the visibility of the concert and wake up each The soul of music in the heart of “The Dragon’s Successor.”

It is reported that “European” is designed by famous artist Liu Shilian, and more than 100 craftsmen took three months of pure hand-carved Yulong piano. The piano is full of sea dragons, and the central dragon head proudly looks up. It is magnificent and bright, and the light is shining on the body. Especially the texture of the jade seems to permeate the vitality. The sense of high quality of Wang Lihong’s music is everywhere.

In the previous performance, Wang Lihong played this beautiful piano and sang a number of classic repertoires such as “Need someone to accompany” “What you don’t know”, bringing the most romantic audio-visual feast to the audience.