Wang Lihong 2019 concert song list


Wang Lihong Chinese pop singer, music producer, actor; Wang Lihong has not appeared in the eyes of the public for a long time, but in 2018, a “nothing to ask about the West” is to let people see the familiar figure. After all, he used to be the “most popular male singer of the year” in the Chinese song list. Let’s revisit his album:

One Billion One” and “In Your Eyes” seem to relive the familiar Wang Lihong, who is familiar with the boy. In the past, he sang a lot of songs that captured the girl’s heart, like “revolution and rotation”. “Love is you“, “Ayutthaya love”, “a simple song”, “still love you”… and other songs, these deep imprints in the listener’s mind, there is not too complicated and gorgeous The song is not composed of a simple foundation. It is accompanied by a guitar. The two of the albums also have such feelings, but they add a lot of calmness and firmness, and they are sure that they love, whether it is love, friendship or affection. The fate is always wonderful. It can be grasped and cherished. It is also a kind of happiness. It does not have to be decorated with brightly colored icing. Real happiness cannot be measured by property.

“Dream” represents the realm of dreams, and is the ultimate appeal of the concept of overall coherence. Therefore, the “Far East Movement” was found on the arrangement, which made the behind-the-scenes of the album “Electronics” songs. The chorus is like a plane rushing. On the sky, you can feel the blue sky-like power illusion. In fact, the electric sound is not only a cold-tuning, robot-like music, nor can it be taken with the nightclub, it can also be very emotional. Inspiring; this is the message I can receive after listening to this song. After listening to this dance music full of EDM colors, would I still be willing to give myself another chance?