Wang leehom’s album recommendation


Only one” was wang leehom’s music album released in 2001. Lyricists include wang leehom, he qihong and others, and the composer is wang leehom.

The album was almost finished before it was named. Leehom wang went on vacation in Greece after his work, and one night inspiration came to him. When the record company listened to it, they felt that “the only” could bring people a feeling of excitement and longing for love, so they unanimously decided to take it as the title song and record title.

This is the first time wang leehom has written a lot about his one-year growth experience in the album. The entire album is produced by wang leehom himself, and almost all the lyrics and songs are included. He, who is accustomed to thinking in English, makes most of the songs truly convey the original ideas through the assistance of he qihong. The lyrics and songs of the song “only” are completely completed by leehom himself.

In addition to writing all the lyrics and songs, he also arranged the music for each song and even set up the piano, violin and chorus.

This album opens up wang leehom’s inner world. In his music world, stop, watch and listen, you can hear wang leehom’s growing process of running like wind. In terms of music style, the album also includes rock, blues, hip-hop, etc.

The whole album attaches great importance to the music sense of presence of the songs, each song on the music layer and texture are excellent. In the singing part, wang leehom USES a more primitive and live singing method, most of which is full of exciting power. Especially in “decline to sell your love” and “go bad” with rock ‘n’ roll flavor of two songs, showing wang leehom’s power like singing skills. ‘If You know‘ has a wide range of ups and downs, from low to high, that can pull listeners in.