Wang jiar is standing at c


JYP has released the GOT7 2019 WORLD TOUR KEEP SPRING poster through the official SNS. The poster USES sky blue as the background color. To reflect the theme of “SPRING”, the members also use color printing on the clothes, which forms a sharp contrast with the black clothes. It’s really a combination of teenage energy and GOT7 cool, with wang garr attracting attention from the c position.

GOT7’s members have been focused on individual activities since its return in December 2018. Captain JB and busy with the formation of a small team JUS2 continue music activities, members park zhenrong as an actor in the mind reading the boy. Mark has been working overseas, and most of wang’s work is in China. BAMBAM held a personal tour in Thailand, where he has been recuperating at home because of corrective surgery. In 2019, JYP confirmed GOT7’s return on May 20 with a new album, which will be followed by a worldwide concert tour. After a long wait, GOT7 is finally back in full form, and fans are so excited!

GOT7’s world tour will start at the Olympic gymnastics arena in Seoul, South Korea on June 15 and 16. GOT7 will tour Asia, South America and Europe in the next few days. Happiness comes so suddenly, GOT7 is not only back, there is a tour to see! Most of the world tour’s schedule is now public. As you can see from the itinerary, two concerts are scheduled in Hong Kong. But this time arrangement is really let a lot of domestic partners spit out “old blood”! The dates are August 31 and September 1. This is a lot of students party day, does this really let everyone in the teacher’s eyes quietly under the center to see the rhythm of the concert?