Unparalleled Jay Chou


On January 11, 2005, Jay Chou won the awards of the best male singer from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the most popular male singer from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the best singer of Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 11th Global Chinese Language Awards Ceremony. In April, Jay Chou With the album “Qilixiang” was nominated for the 16th Taiwan Golden Melody Award for Best Composer, Best Mandarin Male Singer Award, Best Pop Music Album Award; June 23, the first actor’s movie “Initial D” Released, and won the Best New Actor Award in the 42nd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award and the Best Newcomer Award in the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards; on July 1, Jay Chou held an “unparalleled concert tour” at the Shanghai Stadium [ 71]; On July 9, Jay Chou held an “unparalleled concert tour” at the Beijing Workers Stadium; on November 1, the album “Chopard in November” was released, and the composition of all the songs in the album and the design of the album were arranged. After the album was released, it won the Taiwan G-MUSIC year-end leaderboard with a sales share of 4.28%. In the same year, Jay Chou’s song “Snail” was included in the Shanghai middle school students’ patriotic songs. table of Contents .

On January 20, 2006, Jay Chou released EP “Huo Yuanjia”, the title song “Huo Yuanjia” is the theme song of the movie of the same name starring Jet Li [; February 5-6, concert in Tokyo, Japan; 9 In the month, the album “Fantasy” is released; the album continues Jay Chou’s past music style, and incorporates Chinese style, RAP and other styles. Among them, the Chinese style song “A Thousand Miles” sung with Fei Yuqing won the 13th World The Chinese Music List ranked the best song award of the year, the 29th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs National Most Popular Chinese Song Awards and other awards; after the album was released, it ranked first in Taiwan’s top five albums with 5.34% sales share, and Received the Top Ten Excellent Albums of the China Musicians Exchange Association, the IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Award, and the highest sales of Mandarin albums.