TWINS Cantonese songs accompany me through hard days


When it comes to Hong Kong, it always reminds me of Cantonese songs. In our incomparable high school, the re-reading machines that were especially popular in the past were not allowed to be brought into the school. Because teachers are always worried, students will be distracted when listening to music, and distraction will affect learning and affect the college entrance examination score. At that time, there was no privacy at all. The class teacher often raided the dormitory and checked the box to check if you had hidden things like a repeater and a radio.
Day students can go out of school every day and go home, which is the object of our envy. And these day students will become the object of our knot, they can go home and buy some portable radios and various pirated tapes to comfort our heart. At that time, as a teenager of only 16 or 17 years old, I was particularly obsessed with Hong Kong’s idol group TWINS – Cai Zhuoyu and Zhong Xintong. Many people like Zhong Xintong, but I like Cai Zhuoyu.
By studying the convenience of classmates, I bought a lot of TWINS tapes and various pirated tapes. The impression was 5 yuan a box. Looking back now is really a very inferior tape, the lyrics in the lyrics are erroneous, and the various mixed songs are spelled into a box of so-called albums, but I still listen to it.
Especially at night, after dinner in the evening, returning to the dormitory, it is already 11 o’clock in the future. In the middle of the night, the song of TWINS accompanied me. Although I can’t understand them in Cantonese, it doesn’t matter, music can really surpass all and resonate. Later, TWINS had published several Mandarin albums. I bought it as a treasure, and almost the capital will sing. Looking back now, the song of TWINS I heard 15 or 6 years ago is now fully documented. The texts that were so ripe in the past were forgotten, and the songs of TWINS still sang, which is probably the power of music!



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