Terms and conditions for using Ticketbuynow.com

About www.ticketbuynow.com Terms and Conditions of Use (Version 3.1 / Released on 01/12/2019):

to sum up:

The following terms and conditions of use are for the use of www.ticketbuynow.com (hereinafter referred to as “this website or the platform or the company”), our company name is “Jinjiang Technology Group Co., Ltd. / Innoticket Group Ltd  / registration phone number is: 852-2809 2832 / Registration email: [email protected]

At the same time, this document also specifies the steps and procedures that must be met for transactions outside of the www.ticketbuynow.com portal platform.

By using the services provided on this website, you agree to accept the terms of each of the terms of use published by the company.

The company reserves the right to amend the general terms. In this case, the company will notify all of the changes in the general terms and conditions and automatically replace the old version. After modifying the terms, the use of any of the services on this website will clearly mean that the user agrees to the new terms of use. If the user does not agree to accept the changes to the terms of use, they may terminate the contract or not use the services provided by our website or close the user account.

The content of this website can be viewed free of charge. However, if the user uses any intermediary platform services provided by TICKETBUYNOW on the website, the service fees set out in the Terms of Use Rules shall be observed.

Users are required to understand and accept the specific service information provided by the website, as well as the relevant terms of use and user agreement, which is sufficient to avoid any errors or misunderstandings. The company will inform the user if there are any other service technical specifications or contractual relationships.

Tickets / Admissions 劵 Intermediary Terms and Conditions

The Company is a platform for the users (buyers and sellers) to make a ticket transaction through the website (hereinafter referred to as “service”), including the admission of any value owned by the legal holder that can enter an event or public performance. Voucher (hereinafter referred to as “ticket”), the legal holder is interested and entitled to transfer to a third party for free or by fee (hereinafter referred to as “seller” for the description only). There are also interested assignees or consumers who purchase the admission (hereafter referred to as the “buyer” for the description).

The company is not the owner or holder of the ticket. It does not send, donate, sell, purchase, rent or transfer tickets. It is limited to providing users with the services of this website, promoting and guaranteeing the transactions occurring on this website. And regular management of the transaction. The company does not transfer the legal ownership of the tickets between the users (seller and seller)

Through the company’s services, we only provide a platform for sellers and buyers to facilitate transactions. Therefore, the success of the transaction cannot be fully guaranteed, and the success of all transactions is determined by the will of the buyer and the seller. When the user agrees to accept the terms, it also exempts the company from liability arising from the use of the services of the website in the transaction that is not expressly required by law.

The company cannot control and guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the seller’s advertisements, and the seller shall be obliged to provide correct, complete and accurate ticket information. In addition, there is no ability to guarantee the inevitability of sellers to sell tickets. At that time, when the buyer purchases, we will complete the transaction with the seller first, and then send the tickets to the buyer to specify the receipt place.

By accepting this clause, the intermediary services provided by the company for users constitute a bilateral contractual relationship between the company and consumers, and leave room for contractual cooperation between buyers and sellers.

1. User registration

1.1. Registration obligations:

Services using this website need to be registered on this website first. The registered program involves the user agreeing to accept the terms.

1.2. Registration requirements:

When registering this website, the user must be of legal age and have the legal capacity to provide the information required by the company. This information will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy, please see our  Privacy Policy

1.3. User Information

When registering, users must provide their own and complete personal information; name, email address and mobile phone number.

1.4. Username and password:

Once the user completes the registration form, the website system will send the user name and password to the email provided by the user, who can change the password later. Users should keep their passwords and user names in a safe place. They should not be disclosed or provided to others for knowledge or use. All actions performed by users after entering the system with this account and password will be considered as the username and password. The behavior of the holder himself.

1.5. Accuracy of the information:

The information provided by the user during the registration process should be truthful. Therefore, the user must ensure that the information provided is true, accurate and complete. Similarly, users are obligated to update the information provided to the company. If any false or inaccurate information provided by the user causes any damage to the company or a third party, the user will be liable.

  1. Sell sell door tickets.

2.1. Ticket Information

If you are interested in selling tickets on this platform, you need to publish the sales materials on this website, complete the detailed, true and prepared information in all places where you need to fill in the ticket information, and in any case must provide the following details: Activity name , date of the event, type of ticket, original price of the ticket, regional information, number of tickets and the required sales price.

2.2. Sales advertising.

When the information provided by the user on this website is provided to the company, in some cases, the website has the right to publish it and display it on its website.

The seller is obliged to complete the transaction in accordance with the terms of the sale after placing the sales advertisement.

Similarly,  placing a sale on  this website means that the seller agrees to be a seller in the intermediary platform provided by the company and provides corresponding services.

Starting from the buyer’s acceptance of sales, the company will charge the corresponding service fee. If the seller fails to fulfill the seller’s obligations, the company will take punitive measures against the seller and remove the remaining sales tickets and be listed as blacklists. Use of the services of this website, in addition, TICKETBUYNOW will have the right to claim compensation for the damage caused, if deemed necessary.

2.3. Validity period for placing sales

In general, the validity of all tickets/admissions/sales will depend on the 7 days prior to the date of the event.

However, in some activities, the expiration date of the sale may change due to some special circumstances. In this case, once the company has verifiable information, the user will be contacted to change the effective date of the sale.

2.4. Free advertising.

The seller’s advertisement on this website is free. The company only charges 18% as a sales commission after the transaction is realized. The economic fines imposed by the failure to complete the seller’s obligations will be detailed in item 2.9.

2.5. Taxes related to tickets/admissions/transactions.

If the ticket/admission will be subject to customs duties or taxes, the seller will be responsible for including the tax and amount settings in the total price. The taxes mentioned here are independent of the value added tax generated by the seller’s services by the company.

2.6. The seller’s fixed sales price.

According to these Terms of Use, the seller is responsible for posting the amount that is expected to be received from the transaction. Therefore, the seller must enter the expected amount of the sales form provided in the sales ticket on this website.

The custom price of ticket sales is only the responsibility of the seller, and the company has nothing to do with the price of the ticket or has no influence.

In short, the price is freely set by the seller. Please refer to paragraphs 2.5 and 2.8 for the tax related to the transaction and the service fee provided by the company.

The seller is allowed to change the price of the sale at any time before the buyer accepts it.

2.7. Service fees for ticket transactions.

The seller must pay the company’s service fee by selling tickets through this website. The seller is responsible for paying the fee as long as it is successfully sold on this website. The service fee provided by the company will be calculated as follows:

  • The sales amount set by the seller is charged 18% as the service fee.

2.8. Seller and sales determination

Once the company has sent an email to the seller notifying the seller that the ticket has been retained or has been confirmed, in this case the ticket will not be withdrawn or altered and the seller must reserve the ticket for the buyer. Once the buyer’s payment is accepted, the company will confirm the sale to the seller and the seller will be required to trade in order for the buyer to successfully obtain the purchased ticket.

All sales are immutable. The company does not assume any responsibility for the event, such as changes in the location of the event, changes in time, or cancellation.

If the situation described in the previous paragraph occurs, the company can cancel the sales and payment completed in the transaction.

2.9. Seller violations and penalties

The company will take punitive measures against sellers who fail to complete the seller’s obligations or the seller’s responsibility to cause the transaction to fail. If there is any failure to submit the goods, the company has the right to stop the sale of other goods. Similarly, if a similar situation occurs repeatedly, the company reserves the right to close any seller’s account. The following circumstances will cause the seller to be punished:

  • a) The delivery and delivery of event tickets is later than the specified final delivery period.
  • b) Tickets sent or handed over are different from the tickets posted on the website, regardless of whether the tickets are subjectively considered to be of a higher level.
  • c) Due to the seller’s failure to deal or failure to fulfill the obligations, the company must find alternative tickets for the buyer to complete the transaction.

2.10. The seller sends the ticket.

Sending tickets to the buyer is only the responsibility of the company. But the seller must assist and trade with the company when the buyer completes the transaction.

*Important: When any problem occurs and the seller does not retain the receipt or the courier has not scanned the shipping label, the company will not be able to prove that the parcel has been picked up. Therefore, the transaction will be considered a sales failure, and the company will punish the seller in accordance with the “sales failure” section described above.

2.11. The seller collects the sales amount.

The company will give the seller the amount of the transaction that is valid at the time the seller places the sale.

The term and conditions for paying the seller’s transaction amount.

The money already sold will be paid when trading with the company.

2.12. Close the company account.

The company reserves the right to manage this platform on its own. Any seller who fails to comply with the above seller’s specifications will not be allowed to use this website. The seller is responsible for completing all outstanding orders before closing the account. When the account is closed, the company reserves the right to cancel the sale of any seller.

  1. Buy tickets.

3.1. The buyer accepts the sale.

Any buyer wishing to purchase event tickets on this website must expressly agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Once the buyer accepts the seller’s sales, he agrees to the seller’s price (the price is freely set by the seller, so there may be changes), and agrees that the company will charge the intermediary service according to the method calculated in section 3.3, and the courier company will ship the ticket. cost of.

All sales are immutable. The company shall not be responsible for any changes in the activities, such as changes in the location of the event, time changes, or cancellations. The company will try to notify the buyer of the change in a timely manner, but in no case will the buyer pay the refund. responsibility.

The buyer’s acceptance of the sale means the use of the intermediary services provided by the company to the buyer. Through the agreement, the buyer authorizes the company to deduct the amount of the transaction through its set payment method.

3.2. Purchase confirmation.

Once the order is completed, the company will send an electronic confirmation email or a reserved email via the email address provided by the buyer, and attach the transaction information.

This communication will serve as a proof of transaction between the seller and the buyer. If the buyer is unable to participate in the event, he can use the company’s platform to sell the tickets ordered.

If the seller terminates the sale and fails to fulfill the terms of use, the company will send the buyer other better-qualified tickets to minimize the impact on the buyer. If it is unable to send other alternative tickets, the company will refund the amount of the ticket paid by the buyer through the system ordered at that time.

3.3. The price of the ticket payable by the buyer.

The price of ticket sales will consist of the following concepts:

  • The sales price set by the seller.
  • Shipping fee (local free in Hong Kong)
  • Intermediary service cost (Usage Clause 4).
  • Paypal’s service charge 4%

The seller’s set selling price is the selling price of the event set by the seller on this website under the terms of the terms of use.

The shipping fee is the cost of the shipping method selected by the buyer through the purchase of tickets on this website.

The service fee refers to the expenses incurred by the company to provide the buyer with the services of this website and is described in the following paragraphs.

3.4. Intermediary service fee for purchasing tickets.

Buyers using this website to purchase tickets will incur a cost of certain services for the company, so for all successful transactions through this website, the company charges the following fees:

  • A uniform 18% service charge imposed on the seller’s set sale price plus the cost of shipping the ticket. As an intermediary service fee provided by the company.
  • The total cost of most services will be more entries purpose total and.

In order to successfully deliver the ticket, the ticket delivery information provided by the buyer must be accurate and true (paragraph 1.3 of this Terms of Use). In any case, if the buyer violates the above, the company shall pay the courier company’s freight to the third party for additional payment or re-send, and the buyer shall be responsible for the expenses incurred.

3.5. The seller is unable to provide the ticket.
If the seller fails to provide the ticket, the platform will only refund the full amount of the ticket to the customer and is not responsible for the additional cost. This platform is only used as an intermediary to contact the seller and the buyer. If the seller fails to provide the ticket, the platform will try to assist in the contact, but will not be responsible for any loss caused by the seller and the buyer.

  1. Warranty terms:

4.1. Seller’s guarantee.

  • 4.1.1 The company guarantees that the seller’s valid transaction amount will be paid by bank account after successful transaction according to this clause.
  • 4.1.2 When the seller sends the ticket to the company, if the problem occurs in the transportation, it is not the responsibility of the company or the buyer.
  • 4.1.3 The Company guarantees that the Seller may change or cancel the published tickets before receiving the notification email from the Company to notify the Seller that the transaction has been confirmed or has been retained.
  • 4.1.4 If the seller sells the ticket and cannot provide the ticket, the company guarantees that the seller will compensate the buyer.
  1. Promotions

The company will be able to make promotions or discounts in the service fee section, and the terms and scope of this offer will be clearly announced on this website .

  1. Communication – notification.

In general, in order to provide a better and more secure notification service, all notifications about the company’s services to the seller or seller will be sent by e-mail as a basis for using the company’s services. It also supports online chat methods to answer questions and provide better service.

However, in special cases, in order to contact the user more quickly, we will also contact the user by telephone according to the contact information left by the user when registering with the company. In order to notify the email of the confirmation.

In any case, the seller’s sales and the buyer’s acceptance of the order will be confirmed by the company through a valid email provided by the user.

If you want to contact us, please use our email address [email protected]

The notifications sent by the company to all users will be considered valid and will be implemented in the following ways.

    • Send an email to the user at the electronic address provided on the registration form.
    • Call the phone number provided by the user on the registration form.
    • Through this network station pop-up information to our service users.
    • Therefore, all notices sent by the company to the user will be considered valid. To this end, the user must indicate that all the information provided is accurate, and notify the company in a timely manner when there is a change in contact information.
  1. Logistics. Send/receive tickets for services.

In order to make the transaction more convenient, ticketbuynow provides users with the service of sending tickets.

This service will be posted on the company’s website and will be specifically instructed when the user confirms the transaction.

This service is provided by the company through a third-party courier company.

  1. Obligation to use this website service correctly.

The User agrees to use the Website and the services provided by the Website in accordance with the Legal Rules, Terms of Use and other stated terms, ethical rules and public policies.

To this end, users may not use the services of this website for any purpose that harms the rights and interests of others or third parties, and may not cause any damage, pressurization, overload, or obstruction of the services of this website, website equipment, data files. , or damage to any of the company’s computer storage of various content (hackers), or other network users’ computers (hardware and software).

  1. Obligation to use the content of this website correctly.

According to the above provisions, the use of website content includes text content, photos, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or audio content, graphic design and source code (hereinafter referred to as “content”), in accordance with legal rules , Terms of Use and other stated terms, use of regulations and instructions, as well as ethical rules and public policies, and agree to avoid:

  • Copying, distributing, providing or otherwise publicly announcing, changing or modifying the content, unless the copyright owner’s permission or legal permission has been obtained;
  • Remove, falsify or alter the ticketbuynow and the company’s trademarks, identification information, digital fingerprints or any electronic identification method that proves its copyright.

Users may not use any means or programs to obtain the content of the website for other commercial purposes, unless the website specifically provides the permitted content.

  1. Use hyperlinks to this website and its services.

Users who wish to create a hyperlink to their home page on their own website must meet the following criteria:

  • The hyperlink will only be allowed to link to the homepage of the company’s website and may not be reproduced in any other way;
  • Do not create your own framework on the company’s website;
  • Do not issue any false, incorrect or incorrect statements regarding the company, company administrators, company employees, or the company’s website services;
  • Do not issue any statement or content that implies that the company has authorized the establishment of a hyperlink to the website in any way to undertake the services that our company should provide;
  • In addition to the inherent form of hyperlinks, other web pages are not allowed to contain any trademarks, trade names, company labels, logos, slogans, special marks or other patent identification marks belonging to the company.
  • Sites that use hyperlinks must not contain illegal content, information that violates moral customs or public order, or infringe on the rights of third parties.
  • The establishment of a hyperlink does not mean that the company has any relationship with the owner of the hyperlinked website, and the content or service is not accepted or approved by the company.
  1. Intellectual property and industrial property rights. No license.

All trademarks, trade names, or any distinctive signs appearing on the Site are the property of the Company or third parties, so the use or access to the Site and/or Services does not imply that the User owns the Trademark, Trade Name and/or Unique The property rights of the sign.

In addition, all content belongs to the intellectual property of the company or a third party, ie it cannot be considered as ceding to the user. According to the terms of use, the services and use rights of this website belong to the company, and all website content is limited to the company.

  1. Liability exemption.

12.1. Responsibility for the operation of the website and the service.

Website availability and continuity.

The company does not guarantee the continuity of the website and the continuity of its services. However, the company will inform the website and its services as much as possible to interrupt the operation. The company does not promise that users can use this website and its services absolutely or effectively to enter different web pages.

The company does not assume any damage caused by this website due to the continuity of its website services.

12.2. Liability exemption for the content of the website.

The company cannot guarantee the possibility of changes to the user’s computer system (software and hardware) or other electronic documents stored on the computer without viruses or other elements of the content.

The company excludes the liability of the user’s computer system and electronic document changes due to any virus or other elements in the content.

The authenticity, accuracy, completeness and factuality of the content.

The company does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content. The company excludes any liability for damage caused by the lack of authenticity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content of this website.

12.3. Exemption guarantees and the responsibility of the user to use the website, its services and content.

The company is not obligated to control the use of the services and content of this website. In particular, the company cannot guarantee that users will use this website cautiously in accordance with the rules of the terms of use of this website.

The company is also under no obligation to check and verify the identity of the user, or to verify the accuracy, validity, completeness and/or authenticity of the personal data provided by the user.

The Company excludes any liability for damages caused to third parties due to the lack of accuracy, validity, completeness and/or authenticity of the services and content of the Website or the personal data provided by the User. In particular, damage to third parties caused by impersonating other people’s information.

  1. Protect personal data. Use of cookies.

In order to use the services of this website, users must provide certain personal information of the company in advance.

This cookie or third party cookies may be used when users browse the pages of this website. The cookies used on this website and web pages are only linked to a specific computer browser (anonymous user) and the full name of the user does not appear. Because of the relationship between cookies, the company can identify the registered user’s browser. Once the registration is completed, you do not have to log in again each time you enter the website or use the services provided by this website. Cookies created cannot read cookie files created by other vendors. Users can set whether to accept the cookie warning window to prevent free cookies from being installed on the hard disk. This requires the user to read the browser instructions carefully.

The cookies used on the pages of this website are sent by TICKETBUYNOW, for different servers, or by third-party servers that provide services to the company (for example, those used to send advertisements and specific content, allowing users to see specific Time, frequency, and form or advertising of specific content). To learn more about our company’s use of cookies, please visit the Cookies Policy

  1. Customer refund instructions:

Customer refund instructions (when the ticket is not sent)
1. After the customer purchases the ticket, and we have not sent the ticket, we request a refund (from the start date of the show > 90 days). / Indemnity rule: 25% of the full amount of the order. , we will deduct 25% of the money returned along the way will be returned within 15 days
2, the customer after the purchase of the ticket, and we have not sent the ticket to request a refund (from the start date of the show > / 30 days) / Indemnity rule: 35% of the full amount of the order, we will withhold 35% of the money along the way. the remaining refund will be returned within 15 days
3, the customer after purchase, and we have not yet mailed back at the ticket situation requires Payment (from the start date of the show > / 15 days < 7 days) / Indemnity rules: 50% of the full amount of the order, we will deduct 50% of the money will be returned along the way will be returned within 15 days
4, the customer is buying tickets After that, we have not sent a ticket to request a refund (from the start date of the show > / 7 days < 3 days) / indemnity rules: 70% of the full amount of the order, we will deduct 70% of the money back the money will be returned within 15 days
5, the customer after purchase, and we have not yet sent the case to request a refund at the ticket (from speech Start Date> / 3 days) / indemnity rule: You can not offer refunds under this terms, sorry.money will be returned within 15 days
6, Pre-sale model: Client can apply refund anytime before ticket sending out.

Customer refund instructions (tickets have been sent)
1. 50% of the full amount of the order, we will deduct 50% of the money
to be returned along the way 2, need to send the ticket back to the refund process
3, the money will be recovered Return within 15 days after the ticket.
4. Make sure to apply oever 5 days before on show day
5.  Can not apply within 5 days before on show day
6. Pre-sale model: once ticket sending, we will not accept any refund request from client.

Customer refund remarks
1. If the refund amount after the ticket is sent, the express fee will not be included. 
2. The refund will be refunded within 15 days after the application, and the Alipay account/credit account/bank account
3. non-paper type tickets will be returned . For example, if you want to return the refund, you will not be able to return the refund . The company is only acting as a facilitator. The company will not be responsible for and refund the cost of the face value, and the company will not be liable for any expenses incurred by the customer.

The company has no ticket delivery/fake ticket description.
1.If the ticket company fails to submit the ticket after the opening ceremony, the company will make compensation in 1:1 way. If the order amount is $2000, the company will return $4000 ($2000 is the order amount + $2000 for compensation). Amount)
2.In the case of a fake ticket, the client must provide all relevant certificates, including the return of the fake ticket, the police’s alarm notice (report required)
3.The compensation amount will be paid in cash within 15 days, the user can go online or The telephone customer service reserves the payment of the Alipay account or the WeChat account or the bank account.
4.Pre-sales model: we will not provide any compensation for this model.

  1. Term and termination.

The use of this website and other services provided is in principle indefinite. However, the company reserves the right to terminate or suspend any services provided on the website at any time. As soon as reasonably practicable, the Company will warn the termination or suspension of this website and other services as soon as possible.

  1. Privacy Policy.

TICKETBUYNOW guarantees that appropriate security measures have been taken in accordance with the laws in force at its facilities, in systems, in documentation and in the secrecy of personal data.
TICKETBUYNOW is committed to complying with the requirements of Chapter 486 of the Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance) (Privacy Ordinance) for the collection of your personal data. Within its business scope, TICKETBUYNOW will also comply with other internationally recognized personal data protection laws and standards applicable in Hong Kong. This Privacy Policy Statement sets out TICKETBUYNOW’s general privacy policy and describes the steps TICKETBUYNOW takes to comply with the Privacy Policy. This statement applies to personal data collected by TICKETBUYNOW in the course of its operations, including information collected from data collection forms and/or website interfaces.