Ten thousand people like Andy Lau


During the concert with Lin Zixiang, “Deng Dexiang“, after the filming of the film, Lin Zixiang greeted everyone to sing karaoke together. Lin Zixiang listened to Andy Lau’s song and appreciated it. So he greatly appreciated and encouraged Andy Lau to sing, so Lin Zixiang’s Encourage Andy Lau to start developing his own singing skills, so Lin Zixiang can be regarded as the Bole and the first teacher of Andy Lau’s singing career.

In 1985, Andy Lau entered the music scene, and his first album “Only knowing that you love me at the moment” did not get much response. The first successful song was the title song of the same name in the Emotional Forbidden Zone issued in 1987.

Over the years, with his influence, Andy Lau has held more than 400 individual concerts around the world. In January 1993, Andy Lau first held a personal concert in Hong Kong at the Hung Hom Stadium (the first personal concert was in Korea). As of June 2011, it has sung 141 songs in Hong Kong Red Pavilion (20 in 93, 94 and 96, 15 in 99, 2001 and 2004 respectively, and 16 in 2007 and 2010 respectively). 20 games); 118 games were held in mainland China. Although it takes a lot of time and energy to spend on movies in the year, Andy Lau can also create a ticket sales boom in various cities in China!

The Hong Kong Entertainment Edition described Andy Lau’s role in the movie “Tian Ruo Qing“, “Hua Dee (Heroes) Upper Body” to describe Andy Lau’s 2007 Chengdu concert to save fans. After a fan broke through the security blockade and went to the stage, after offering flowers to Andy Lau and shaking hands with him, the fan was surrounded and encircled by more than a dozen security guards. Liu Dehua saw the fans being treated harshly and shouted loudly, but the security guards did not pay attention to it. So, regardless of the danger, Andy Lau immediately jumped off the ground from a high platform of up to two meters to help the fans to break the fence and prevent security guards from encircling. The event was taken by fans on mobile phones and uploaded to multiple video sites around the world.