The stars at the Hong Kong red pavilion concert


On July 16, Ms. Leung posted a series of photos on social networking sites. Zheng xiuwen on the photograph is combing a head of avant-garde dirty plait, wearing the white tassel jacket that modelling feeling is extremely strong, tie-in bull-punny hot pants, show his small quite waist and big long leg completely come out, it is sexy queen simply.

Ms. Leung’s dress is conservative by comparison: a full-patterned totem ethnic dress with long sleeves is matched with black, still maintaining a crisp, short hair style that offers exotic appeal.

As a special guest in the fourth stage of chung’s concert tour, gigi leung came out to cheer for her friends. During the concert, two people looked at each other affectionately for many times, and even held each other’s hands to the edge of the stage, the scene fans feeling extremely surprised repeatedly, the atmosphere is very high. After the liang wing chi is tightly embrace cheng xiuwen into the bosom, two people laugh heartily, sisterly affection!

In the previous concert, ye qian-wen as a concert guest support cheng xiu-wen. One is Hong Kong’s old power singer, the other is Hong Kong’s pop queen. Two people deduce together “love“, high and low tones set off each other, lingering sound lingering in the ears, between the days of passing is simply the scene fans ear blessing!

In addition to the guests, fan sister wang ou is to catch up with the concert scene, just to achieve their own dream of chasing stars. At the concert, wang ou was so excited that he had to cover his nose and mouth with his hands. After the concert, wang ou also updated his micro blog to show his love and support for zheng.