The stars who haunt jay Chou’s concert


Remember there was a joke wrote: no wonder jay Chou concert tickets are hard to get, in fact, those stars bought! Indeed, as one of the best musicians of the last 20 years, jay Chou represents the memory of a generation. Not only we ordinary people are jay’s fans, many stars are “small public ACTS” of iron fans. Today, I would like to introduce the stars who often appear in jay Chou’s concert.

It must be eason chan who is the most encountered and photographed big name in jay Chou’s concert. Jay Chou “super time” concert in Taipei premiere, secretly to see the concert eason chan was caught by the camera, the screen eason chan holding jay’s album with the chorus, even outspoken to sign. And in addition to being caught with the album, in previous years of concerts eason chan was directly invited by jay on stage a chorus. Estimated eason chan himself is very puzzled: “I just come to see a concert, how can also be asked to sing on stage?”

It is clearly jay’s concert, how can it become your big dog food scene

Besides eason chan, there are also a number of celebrity couples who have taken advantage of jay Chou’s concerts to throw a wave of dog food at their fans. During jay’s “most powerful” world tour, “gao yuan” couple zhao yeting and gao yuanyuan, dressed in matching white plain T, became jay’s “die-hard fans”, snuggled up, sang in high voice, and had a photo taken with liu geng fu’s father and daughter. In addition, zhang ruoyun, tang yixin, Miriam dingzigao, chung liti, zhang renshuo, michelle reis, xu jinxiang and other celebrity couples are also often photographed by jay’s concert cameras. We came to see jay’s concert to find our youth, not to eat your dog food.

In addition, in Chou jielun last year’s Beijing open concert, ma su, zhou dongyu, jiang mengjie, xu weizhou and other stars have arrived at the clocking, small make up in that day brush micro blog, as if half of the entertainment industry’s stars went to the scene to support “small public ACTS.”