Special artist special jay Chou


Mention Chinese songs, can not fail to mention jay Chou. Jay Chou has created numerous popular songs, whether it is children or middle-aged people, can hum a sentence or two.

Small make up most of is jay Chou’s “blue and white porcelain” “east wind break”, jay will be Chinese style into music, unexpectedly so harmonious, coupled with fang wenshan‘s beautiful lyrics, singing jay Chou’s songs, the mouth stay fragrant.

In 2019, jay Chou will hold another concert. One of his stops is in Hong Kong. He has been to mainland China to watch a concert, but has not been to Hong Kong.

Jay Chou is an extraordinary entertainer. His talent is not only reflected in his ability to improvise on the spot and his mastery of music theory and various instruments, but also in his unconventional creative thinking. He mixes east and west music, such as jazz, blues, rock, nakasi, folk, hip-hop, American country music, electronic music and so on. He not only mixes the popular music with each other in a complex and subtle way, but also USES and matches all kinds of Musical Instruments boldly to create unexpected effects. This creative idea also makes jay Chou’s songs have a strong personal style, and is not exactly the same as any kind of music form.

Jay Chou has a unique singing style. He completes the shaping of his voice by relying on a personalized, natural and sincere singing style, and increases the expressive force of his works by properly controlling falsetto and mood words [276]. Jay Chou’s pronunciation is also part of his distinctive style, breaking with the principle of clear articulation by singers to express his personality in a way that doesn’t take into account the horizontal and melodic style, and appropriately matches this personality with the needs of teenage audiences for fashionable music style