a singer who represents the youth after 8090


Jay Chou, probably the singer who can represent the youth of 80s and 90s. In those years, “the sky is blue and so on, and I am waiting for you; the smoke rises and rises, thousands of miles across the river.” The “Blue and White Porcelain” spread all over the streets; in those years, the tea shop was circulating “windy” I tried to hold your hand this day, but the rain gradually grew, and I was too big to see you. “The moving melody; those years, the nunchucks in the black vest teenagers, so many boys will occasionally pick up a few The sentence “哼哼哈兮”. those years……

He once said: “If one day you are tired, you will still feel warm when you hear “Simple Love“, then I will not pass through your youth in vain.” Jay Chou certainly did not pass in vain, his song seems to be endowed with magic. No matter how many years have passed, as long as the melody that belongs to him rings, many people’s thoughts will be returned to the past. He said that he wrote songs with a sense of emotion, and we can always find ourselves in his songs.

Nowadays, the young boy who likes to hold You Lemei in the carriage has become the father of two children. Last year’s birthday, “Wait for You to Go to Class”, once on the shelves, caused a hot discussion on the Internet: “Although I said goodbye to the age of your class, but fortunately I can “wait for you to get off work.”” Time passed, he became With the happy “fat” of milk tea, we have become the adults of “bubble in the mug”.

Some people say that even if there is another Jay Chou, you will not have another youth. Time is not old, go to a Jay Chou concert. Going to the concert site, I went through the past with tens of thousands of people, and returned to that summer, listening to “Qi Lixiang” moved to tears; went to the sea of ​​pink light sticks, cheering, singing “confession balloon”, flying Youthful memories.