See the meaning of jay Chou’s concert


I still remember that summer vacation, probably in 2008, when I was doing my homework, I used to listen to songs. At that time, I listened to “the east wind breaks” and “shuangjie stick”. More than ten years later, I can still sing them with the rhythm without dropping a word. Jay Chou’s 2019 concert in hangzhou, let’s recall the passionate years “nunchaku” brought to us.

My father is a very serious man, he doesn’t touch popular things. When I was in junior high school, I was still an inexperienced boy who was crazy about jay Chou. One day, I bought jay Chou’s CD loudly at home and put it in the name of the father. When my father heard the line “behind the glory there is a lonely engraved”, he put down his book and repeated the line completely, saying that the song was well sung.

Jay Chou started a new era in Chinese singing, while jj Lin has always conquered an era without jay Chou,” said netizens. , Lin junjie tells his relationship with jay Chou, is actually: the circle of the first bosom friend! Jay recently posted a photo of himself with jj Lin, jianhao wu and others on social media with the caption: “New boy band? Hahaha, f4 “, joking that it was the new boy band f4. In the photo, jay is smiling happily with his friends.

Fans have laughed and said, “who is hanazawa class, please?” “is jay Ming temple?” more persistent fans urged the new album “wow, is this the cover of the new album?”

2019 jay Chou concert in hangzhou

Fans ask jay Chou’s new album situation is not this time, yesterday, jay released a dynamic, is he and his son romeo’s photo, they are wearing a hat and big sunglasses, only showing the mouth of the cool curved, is really “father and son”. Fans can’t help but tease: “doting on his wife and sharing his baby, isn’t dong zhou happy enough to forget about his new album?

Speaking of jay Chou’s new album, on the luoyang website of strongest earth, jay Chou said that the new album is locked in January 2019, but it hasn’t come out until January 2019. “I don’t know if it’s going to be in November or December,” fans said, aggrieved and angry. But jay doesn’t matter how much he draws pie for his fans. Fans also said that it is impossible to take off the powder, this life is impossible, usually in life more inseparable from his old songs. Which of his songs do you like to repeat?

Tickets for jay Chou’s 2018 concert were snapped up as soon as they went on sale. This year is no exception. If you can’t get a ticket, don’t worry. I am honored to inform you that jay Chou concert 2019, xiaobian hold the ticket and wait for you.