Sammi Cheng’s Red Pavilion Concert


Although the “safe and stealing” incident came to an end, Zheng Xiuwen’s concert in the Red Pavilion was held in full swing during this period. It seems that there is no slight influence, but everyone knows that this kind of suffering can only be consumed by himself. Through the concert’s strength, Sammi Cheng is also venting many years of grievances, 13 concerts, each with a special guest.

On July 27th, Zheng Xiuwen’s “Hong Kong Station” concert will be held tonight, and at the concert last night, Zheng Xiuwen showed his reluctance. The guests tonight are also expected by many fans. Before that, Zheng Xiuwen not only invited Ye Qianwen, Mo Wenwei, Chen Huilin and other big coffee, but also invited many “small fresh meat”.

At about 4 pm, Zheng Xiuwen appeared in a black casual outfit outside the Red Pavilion and looked very happy. There have been hundreds of fans waiting for the scene. When Zheng Xiuwen got off the bus, he yelled at the scene, and Zheng Xiuwen also had a warm response. The coquettish twist made the fans very happy, and then took photos with the ardent fans. Then enter the venue for rehearsal.

About 15 minutes later, Wang Jiaer, a member of the “Korean Men’s Team GOT7” who was suspected to be the guest of the “Tail Field” of Zheng Xiuwen, appeared in a seven-seat car. In order to keep the mystery, Wang Jiaer’s vehicle went straight to the parking lot of “Unloading the equipment”. Soon after, Wang Jiaer wore an orange shirt and a black hat, and under the escort of everyone, he entered the background and wanted to come to Wang Jia. Seoul is the guest of this field.

In addition, the music of Gu Tianle came to the scene, but did not see Gu Tianle himself, just saw his assistant inspected around, and wanted to come to Gu Tianle tonight at Zheng Xiuwen’s concert.

At about 5:30 in the afternoon, Zheng Xiuwen took off his black jacket and only appeared in the “orange fluorescent vest”. The off-site audience also shouted again, and Zheng Xiuwen waved his hand to the fans to express their gratitude. It turned out that Zheng Xiuwen came out for the “cutting pig ritual.”