Review of the King Jay Chou 2018 concert


King Jay Chou’s “The Strongest Surface” World Tour Concert started in Shanghai on June 30, 2016, and then traveled to various cities in the Mainland, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, as far as the UK and other places, a total of 68 games. The performance completely captured the hearts of the fans. After 18 years, the World’s Strongest 2 World Tour has finally begun. Hong Kong has also become the third stop of the tour after Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The 10 tickets for the Hong Kong Station were even more popular on the day of the public sale. The above is “ten ten beautiful.”

The Jay Chou 2018 surface strongest 2 world tour concert” Hong Kong station opened the curtain in the red hall last night, “the strongest surface 2” is actually the prequel to the “strongest surface” tour, the production unit spares no expense and spends its time thinking Changes and additions to the tracks, costumes, props, visuals and special effects were made. The last appearance of the costumes worn by Jay Chou last night was re-created by Hong Kong’s famous fashion master Tomas Chan for the new patrol. As the “Best Surface 2” of the Jay Chou World Tour upgrade, the concert is like re-shaping the original eight different themes through the skill of outstanding craftsmen, making the audience visually, audibly and sensory. A new experience, let everyone fully intoxicated.

At the beginning of the concert, Jay became the hero of the Star Wars. After sleeping for hundreds of years, he was awakened in the dormant cabin of the spacecraft covered by the alien-shaped minions, and the new red-light space was different from the two stations in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The battle suit appeared on the stage from the space capsule. He first used the “hero” and “nunchaku” two songs to make the audience warm. Then Jay Chou replaced the metal hedgehog jacket and sang “The End of the World” and “Can’t open.” “Mouth”, two lyric songs followed by two passion songs, so that the audience can be put into the “world’s strongest 2” music world in real time.

The upgraded version of “The Strongest Surface 2” is re-adjusted, the stage scene is more magnificent, the video is more imaginative and realistic, and the stage props and scenes are more innovative and avant-garde. The opening of the special-shaped mechanical claws has been shocking, and many of the revised props that have appeared have also made the fans marvel, including the cross-section of technology, the shiny gold shaped bone chair, the new Broadway street scene, the gear piano turned into a special-shaped piano, and the big horn piano has also been revised. Increased exaggerated childlikeness. The avant-garde transformation of the six main props made the fans of the scene dazzled, and the attention and attention of every detail of the concert made the fans feel pleasant and value-for-money.