relationship between xu zhian and zheng xiuwen


Originally in zheng xiuwen on July 12, the Hong Kong red pavilion first sing on xu zhian has appeared, but generally has had the scandal the star in appears in the public vision time will be ridiculed is to wash the white, xu zhian is not exceptional, by certain public opinion impact. But xu zhian still began to show love with zheng xiuwen, after two days in the second concert on time, the impact of the outside world, but some serious expression, after all, who also do not want to become the target of public criticism.

In the picture, we can see the figure of xu zhian. He is wearing a white T-shirt, a blue coat and a pair of white sneakers. He is accompanied by an assistant. Xu zhian’s expression is also very serious, but can withstand the pressure to show his love for zheng xiuwen power concert.

Their relationship began in 1991, when they sang a classic song called “in fact, do you have me in your heart?” Although ten years later they broke up once, but soon back together, after they have been on and off, xu zhian after all is the king of love songs, so he is actually very amorous, and his assistant together, but later he found himself in love or zheng xiuwen.

Sammi cheng in concert on the way to go backstage makeup when sending a few pictures, in picture netizens keenly capture the unrequited loves, which confirmed that two people together again, they do star so long, have experienced a lot of gossip, so now, but can be frank and open together, don’t care about the outside pressure.

Has nearly 30 years, both on and off for 30 years but most of her time, hoped that they can continue to be stable, actually they both sides as long as enough trust, still can continue to go well, though unrequited loves also once cheated, but dare to admit that the first is better, though derailed in public opinion is unforgivable, but after all, to experience the feelings of the parties, so as long as they happy, believe that their fans is also understandable.