Is it raining for Xiao Jingteng’s concert


Yes, you are not mistaken. This year, Xiao Jingteng will hold a concert. The time is August 30, 2019, or summer. This summer, Xiao Jingteng’s concert is not great! Because it will rain, the weather will not be so hot.

The title of Xiao Jingteng Yushen has been around for a long time. It is estimated that everyone who knows Xiao Jingteng knows that he is a veritable rain god.

Every time he holds a concert or goes to a place to participate in activities, it will rain, and the number of times, there will be the title of “rain god“.

However, after the expert’s analysis, it is not so much that Xiao Jingteng recruits rain, it is better to say that he chooses local local rainy seasons to hold concerts.

Now even Xiao Jingteng will make a joke with the title of Rain God. He said, “I don’t mind if you call me a god or a rain god, but can you stop asking me: Is it raining today?”

Now many netizens have compiled Xiao Jingteng Rain God into a paragraph. Everyone ridiculed that Xiao Jingteng was the one who had crossed the handle with the Dragon King, so he was able to call for the rain.

Some time ago, there was continuous rainfall in a certain place. Many netizens said that Xiao Jingteng might have bought a house in the local area. He lived there for a long time, and that is not the rainy weather.

Before Xiao Jingteng held a concert in Shanghai, the result was very unfortunate. It started to rain when the concert started, and it was still a heavy rain, which directly led Xiao Jingteng to lose power when singing. At the time, Xiao Jingteng was sitting in the elevator and was powered off. Let him get stuck in midair for a long time!

It was really that Xiao Jingteng’s skill was too strong, and this time he was also pitted by heavy rain.

However, it is not a bad thing to rain. The summer is too hot. The enthusiasm of the audience is high. Listening to Xiao Jingteng’s singing in the heavy rain is also a special flavor. The premise is, are you ready for the concert tickets?