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Rainie Yang Concert

楊丞琳,楊丞琳演唱會,楊丞琳深圳 楊丞琳深圳,楊丞琳演唱會
  • February 7, 2020
  • Jiangmen Sports Center, China
  • 3001 Binhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Rainie concert “youth who live” tour will feature four rotating air [stage], a comprehensive upgrade stage design: 360 degree rotation, no dead ends round, lifting the main stage, more long extension stage … also specifically added the choreography Keep improving with the light, when a bunch of brilliant and shocking rays of light shine on the dreamy rotating stage, the light is bright, the sound and light effects are extreme, the gorgeous perspective impact is touching, and the audience is creating a shocking live experience.

Hong Kong Concert
  • Date of performance:

    February 7, 2020

  • Ticket price:
    RMB ¥388 / 688 / 988 / 1188
  • Performance venue:
    Jiangmen Sports Center, China

Rainie Yang ticket purchase information

  • Reserve tickets for Rainie Yang are preferred. The above Rainie Yang tickets show the number of priority bookings so that the customer can choose the area where they want to watch the concert. Customers who purchase priority bookings will receive Rainie Yang tickets by post 10 days prior to the opening. Priority Rainie Yang tickets are credit card priority booking types.
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  • Purchasing Rainie Yang tickets If the ticket is successfully purchased, the ticket will be sent to the postal address within 10 days before the opening. If you fail to purchase the tickets for the purchase of Rainie Yang, you will receive a full refund. This clause applies only to the purchase of Rainie Yang tickets.
  • Other Rainie Yang tickets (including Rainie Yang Tickets for Priority Booking and Purchasing) will be arranged within two weeks from the date of purchase to 10 days before the opening of the ticket. The customer will receive the courier number by email.
  • All Rainie Yang tickets for the opening of the week will be arranged to ensure that customers can receive Rainie Yang tickets before the opening. The customer will receive the customer service agreement after the purchase of the ticket to confirm the order and arrange for settlement.
  • All tickets for Rainie Yang tickets under the same order are 2-4 tickets. If there are special circumstances or need to be arranged separately, the ticket will contact the customer about the seat transfer and will determine the seat according to the customer’s wishes. Transfer
  • All Rainie Yang Tickets are physical tickets, which can be used directly to enter the venue, so if they are lost, they will not be reissued.
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  • The stock of Rainie Yang tickets is updated at any time, and the stock is based on the quantity displayed at the time. It is available at the end of the sale period and there is no ticket.

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Ticket location and venue

Rainie Yang Concert seating table –

Rainie Yang Concert tickets

  • Friday 2020, February 07


  • Regardless of age, each ticket is for one person only. You must have a valid ticket when you enter the venue.
  • Please take care of your tickets! If the position ticket is lost, there will be no replacement!
  • In order to avoid the sale of tickets, please select the tickets online as soon as possible and buy them immediately. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the Hong Kong Red Dragon Gymnasium and no foreign food and beverages are allowed to enter the Expo.

Payment methods

1. Suitable for purchase Rainie YangConcerts Hong Kong users

2. Suitable for purchase Rainie YangConcert Users in Mainland China

3. Suitable for purchase Rainie YangConcert Macau users

  • Offline remittance [Macau Bank of China]

    Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank [Inspirr Group Limited]

    • Transfer Bank: Macau Bank of China
    • Account name (representing company account, which is a security account): Wu Weihua Account number (HK$ account): 19-11-10-276594

4. Suitable for purchase Rainie YangConcerts Overseas and Global Users

Rainie Yang Concert Hot News


Rainie Yang concert hot news

Yang Lin (English name: Rainie Yang, June 4, 1984), a Taiwanese female artist, has the status of singer, actor, host, director and so on. For the Asian Almighty Queen, in 2000, debuted in the 4 in Love group. At the end of 2002, he began hosting the variety show “I guess I guess I guess guess” for 4 years. In 2005, he became popular with the album “Ambiguous” and the idol drama “The Devil is Around”. In 2007, the theme song “Little Jasmine” of the movie “Tattoo” was shortlisted for the 44th Golden Horse Award for Best Original Film Song. In October 2010, she won the 45th Golden Bell Award for the Leading Actress in a Drama Program for her “Sweet Heart”. In May 2017, <Annual Rings> was shortlisted for the 28th Golden Song Awards for Best Song of the Year, Best Lyricist Award, and Best Single Producer Award, making Yang Linlin the first to be shortlisted in Taiwan’s Three Gold (Golden Song, Golden Horse, Golden Bell) female artist with related awards. In September 2018, he was shortlisted for Best Actress in the 58th Asia Pacific Film Festival with the movie “Little Girl in Red”.

Thermal explosion Rainie Yang Song of Songs Heart water

  • 左邊
  • 勇敢很好
  • 天使之翼
  • 被自己綁架
  • 匆忙人生
  • 孤獨是壹種安全感
  • 帶我走
  • 曖昧
  • 雨愛
  • 暗湧
  • 匿名的好友
  • 不被祝福的幸福

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Ticket protection

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