Princess hatsune miku


From the two-dimensional culture gradually permeated into various fields, the virtual songji also appeared in our sight, and hatsune miku occupies a very high position in the virtual songji. Many people love her because of her lovely appearance and sweet voice, and in the concert, we can feel the yuan wall of the sense of explosion, so the industry has been such a legend “the idol of water, the initial sound of iron.” There are some things about hatsune that you may need to know more about. Let’s take a look.

Like at the beginning of the sound of little cute all know, your highness, is the first song in the virtual kyi fire in this set up virtual song ji, so a lot of people not will feel the world’s first virtual early song ji is miku, but not well, although is virtual song ji VOCALOID house, but the real first virtual song ji should be LEON or LOLA, but both sound source at 13 years of lock-up, was very regrettable. But we are lucky that hatsune became popular in such an environment.

At the very beginning, chu tone was just one of the song libraries in VOCALOID software, and each song library had a cover with different images in the cover, such as speaking tone, beginning tone, LOLA and so on. Because the beginning is only the song library, so there is no such three-dimensional, lovely image as we see now.

Hatsune was originally a singing library in VOCALOID, yamaha’s software. By entering tones and lyrics into the software, you can compose songs that are very similar to human voices. However, just listening to the sound was not very interesting, so many fans later created the image of hatsune, and the image of hatsune came into being.