My pride joey yung


In 1995, when joey yung was 15 years old, he won the champion in the karaoke contest. After breaking off the contract with zhengdong record company, he was found by luo wen and bowed to him as his teacher. After that, he signed a contract with emperor entertainment. With “the girl with wings”, she won the gold award of the top ten golden songs in the golden song award ceremony and the top ten Chinese golden songs in the “global Chinese supreme golden songs” and other awards. With this song, she mounted the stage of the Spring Festival gala for four consecutive years, setting a record for Hong Kong singers to perform the Spring Festival gala.

Yung zu ‘er’s voice is mature and magnetic, which is suitable for singing sentimental love songs. As it turns out, she has successfully interpreted the hurt plots of every relationship, and every lyric can make you feel the same. The unique timbre, touching melody and heart-piercing lyrics make people want to stop, and lead them into their hearts.

HuiZhaoChiBang girl is single since joey yung, the song from release to now, has always been a favorite of the girls, the style of songs with his usual sad love song, but with different is, in the song is not only a loss of sadness, can let a person feel more to lose after does not change the decadent, but brave.

From the beginning of softly tell “I am not that ignorant girl, met love, do not understand love, from the past, to now”, to with emotional regret he left, leaving his own, lonely existence, to understand that some people have left, some people are not back, the emotions of the audience to the climax step by step. “I am no longer the ignorant girl who still believes in true love when she meets love.” after losing her dependence, a girl starts to feel more brave and independent.

“My pride” is a song by Hong Kong singer joey yung. Written by huang weiwen and arranged by Chen guangrong. Recorded by joey yung on his self-titled album my pride, released in June 2003, it is the main song of the album. The mandarin version is girl with wings.