Occupied by zhang yixing’s talent


It has been a long time since EXO first came to China and each EXO member flew solo. For so long each EXO member has gained a foothold in China and gained popularity.

Zhang yixing has not fared well on the road, too, and at first laid out a variety show to cater to the Chinese market. So many people know zhang yixing not for his music ability or his acting skills, but for his variety show work.

But zhang yixing proves that whatever keeps him at bay, his talent will eventually lay behind him. Lay lay has released three albums so far this year, but lay lay’s albums are hard to find at home because he doesn’t want his fans to help him sell.

Zhang yixing sells only a few of his albums in China, and most of his albums are sold abroad, which is why zhang yixing is trying to push music out of China. One feature of zhang’s album is that every song is available in English and Chinese.

And lay his career in the United States in 2018, it is very not easy, many stars have failed to do. Zhang yixing isn’t proud of it, either, because more foreigners know him through music. And anyone who questions him can go a little further.

Of course, this is all about zhang yixing’s brilliant side right now, but no matter how great the people are, there’s always black powder out there wanting to lay lay over him, and it’s largely affecting zhang yixing. Lay in order to maintain their own interests, finally lay only through the law to defend himself, will be in black powder to court, will eventually get the apology of black powder.

Lay in 2018, besides there is a lot of achievements in the field of music, has let the fans acting skills shine at the moment. One notable character is zhang yixing’s acting ability in a film released over the summer, and the role he plays can be tough.