Not to miss the 2019 yixing Hong Kong concert


Zhang yixing, a young man from South Korea who has set up a studio in China, has done what he told happy camp at the time: little pride in changsha! Along the way, from “Lay to little sheep to big voyage”, we are all witnessing the growth of this boy who loves music. 2019 yi xing Hong Kong concert, absolutely not to miss!

Zhang yixing is also a singer and actor. Zhang yixing is also a singer and film actor, but he never forgets his true colors and still remembers his original intention. In the release of “SHEEP,” I participated in the arrangement, lyrics and even MV creation of all my works. It can be seen from him that the new generation of young musicians are more in line with the international standards and pay more attention to the integration of Chinese things with the international.

Do not break the loulan end not also:

Can you imagine what you were doing when you were 17 or 18? May still be for tomorrow’s exam and worry, for his drawer a letter did not send out of chagrin, or his elimination of acne upset. Everyone knows that, but 17-year-old zhang yixing has left his hometown and gone to South Korea to make his dream come true.

His weibo name is hard hard hard hard x, which is also his true experience. South Korea’s starmaking mechanism is strict, so it needs not only excellent conditions, but also efforts. Even though he was initially assigned the position of dancing, he kept his music dream.

Zhang yixing has opened his new concert tour in 2019, which also takes him to Hong Kong. If you’re particularly fond of him and have drawn inspiration from his story, you can’t miss the 2019 yi xing Hong Kong concert. August 17th, zhang yixing is waiting for you!