Nicholas Tse appeared at the concert of Joey Yung


Beijing time on August 19th news, according to Hong Kong media reports, Joey Yung held the 13th concert in the Red House the night before (August 17th), invited a friend Nicholas Tse as a guest, Joey Yung praised Nicholas Tse is very handsome, is not old legend. She also sang the song “You are happy, so I am happy” by Nicholas Tse’s girlfriend, Faye Wong, so that Nicholas Tse couldn’t help but smile and walk away. Nicholas Tse revealed that he had applied for a concert schedule in the Red House, and he was unsuccessful for two years. If he refused to speak, he would not open the concert at the Red Pavilion.

The night before (August 18th), Joey Yung’s concert was won by Deborah, Xu Jinheng and his son, brothers and sisters. She introduced Nicholas Tse when she appeared on the scene: “He is a super handsome guy. He is usually very coke (playing handsome), but has a gentle heart, because I have witnessed. He deliberately returned to Hong Kong from outside to support me, now I sing his first “Song Butterfly.” She sang “Jade Butterfly”. Xie Yufeng then appeared with her grandfather, and Joey Yung said: “Hello is big (big brother)! Are you busy in Beijing recently?” Nicholas Tse immediately said: “I have been in Hong Kong. Filming, I flew to work elsewhere in the first two days!” Joey Yung laughed at him again: “I thought you were in Beijing. You have recently been dry and not dry”. Immediately, Nicholas Tse is very embarrassed and shy.

Nicholas Tse transferred the topic. He said to Joey Yung: “Remember that you are still sick when you find me. I can’t hear what you said. I said, ‘You don’t want to talk, you can do anything.'” He said that his grandfather is worthy of support: Therefore, there are many people in the bank who support her. I am very weak and not worth supporting. I will not support it!” Rong Zuer said with a sullen face, and said that Nicholas Tse is very real. They played from childhood to big and each other. Successfully happy, said “the songs have to sing”, and then sang: “You are happy, so I am happy (Wang Fei’s song)” so that Nicholas Tse does not know how to respond, laughing and walking away, the audience laughed. Joey Yung called him back, and Nicholas Tse smiled at her: “When did you become like this?” Joey Yung said that he was in a happy environment. He also said that Nicholas Tse had always wanted to open a concert and asked the audience if he wanted to? The audience immediately began to think.