Musical talent Jay Chou


Mentioning Jay Chou, we can all show that music talent in our minds, whether it was the stunned teenager who sang a nunchaku to the Chinese music scene 18 years ago, or the “small public measure” that every song is now unparalleled. I believe that Jay Chou in everyone’s mind has a look in his own heart. We listened to his songs slowly growing up, he did not live up to our expectations and always gave us good works, and every age, every listener who likes different musical styles, there are songs suitable for listening, younger My friends like songs like “The Battle of the War” and “The Name of the Father”. The memories of finding youth are like listening to songs such as “Sunny” and “Qilixiang”. Older listeners like to listen to “Chrysanthemum Taiwan”, “Blue and White Porcelain“, etc. song. It can be said that his songs are diverse in style and are all fine. Listening to his songs is a pleasure. In addition to these well-known songs, Jay Chou has a lot of very good but not hot songs. Today we will take stock of the missing products. Have you ever heard of them?

This song is included in Jay Chou’s 2014 album “Hey, It’s Good”. Everyone knows that this is a good example. Jay Chou’s mantra. Many people imitate Jay Chou and like to imitate this sentence. Oh, actually Jay Chou gives songs and albums. The names are very casual, and even the mantra is used as the name of the album. In addition to “What Man” is known to everyone on this album, other songs are not too hot, and even many people have never heard of it. “Handwritten in the past” is a missing one. This song also expresses campus ignorance. Love conveys the purity and beauty of youth. The style is similar to “Sunny”, but it is relatively cheerful.