Mizuki Nana singing game songs


As a last-generation strategic mobile game featuring [Mecha-X Girl], “Reloading Warrior” will bring out the sizzling blood of the last days from the setting, the plot or the game screen. In order to celebrate the game, “Reloading Warrior” invited the top Japanese singer, seiyuu, and Mizuki Nana singing game theme song “DABYBREAKERS”. With the passionate melody playing, the storyline of the end of “Reloading Warrior” is slowly unfolding in Nina’s emotional humming…

As a famous seiyuu and singer in Japan, Mizuki Nana has a unique voice and excellent singing. She has performed a lot of difficult music songs with her strong singing ability. She is the first seiyuu in Japan to win the Japanese public trust list. The representative works include “Deep Love”, “ETERNAL BLAZE“, and “Synchrogazer”. “Wait.

The media commented that she “sounds, rhythm, and appeal when singing fast songs; when she sings slow songs, she seems to be twirling and tremulous.”, “The sound is just right, she is more musical than other singer singers. Changeable, every place is a surprise.”

This is also the reason for the cooperation between “Reloading Warrior” and Mizuki Nana. The voice of Nana has always contained the power of fighting. It always allows the listener to be excited and immersed in the smoldering atmosphere she has created. This fits perfectly with the game style of “Reloading Warrior”.

From the release of the theme song MV, “DAYBREAKERS” is very flamboyant, and the lyrics are deep and profound. Nana uses its precise treble and vibrato to draw a picture of the burning of the unwillingness of the end of the world! Did the head of the group capture the power that penetrated the hearts of the people in Nina’s voice?