Middle-aged Eason Chan


In the first two years, Eason Chan also felt that matter is a good thing. At that time, he liked the sound and also cared about his appearance. The Aston Martin Roadster, which was bought with heavy money, gave him a great psychological climax, enough to pull the wind, and enough James Bond. But now, he has been tired of this kind of life, and his materialism has become more and more embarrassing. He hasn’t been in the street for three years, and he wears brand-sponsored and creative T-shirts from street shops.

He guessed, “I may actually be in middle age.”

Middle-aged Eason Chan began to worry about the problem of presbyopia. He quit the network, returned to the pile of paper, read history books, and took notes. The “rest” that has been said hundreds of times is officially put on the agenda. He plans to slow down the pace of work after two years and find a place where no one knows. Such a decision was not stimulated by the “more than 900 sales” in the previous period, nor was it a complaint about the downturn in the music scene. He was just really tired.

In his 20 years of debut, he has released more than 40 albums, toured hundreds of games, and played many movies that have been made into rotten films. Eason Chan feels like a martial arts person who is doing his best and can’t wait to practice again. As for where to go, he is not sure, it may be Africa or South America. His request is not high. For example, when he is on the bus, no one greets him. There are not a bunch of fans who come up to call him “Song of the King”, or can spend money to eat. Don’t be diligent to say “I invite you to eat noodles.” “.

The question is, is there such a place? Eason Chan does not know that he is often confused by his desire to be unmatched by others.

The Hong Kong music scene made him sigh. Fortunately, there are merits in the mainland and Taiwan music scene. Taiwan’s artistic atmosphere is strong, suitable for the development of Hong Kong’s He Yunshi, Lu Kaiqi and other musicians. There are also a large number of musicians he likes in the Mainland. He admired Pu Shu, the old wolf, and Wan Xiaoli. He felt that Wan Xiaoli’s “This is not as bad as imagined” is simply too good. His first meeting with Zhou Xun was at the music awards ceremony, when Zhou Xun gave him a set of his own album. The producer of the album, Mars Radio, became one of the producers of Eason Chan’s new album, Rice&Shine.