Meet Japanese singer Mizuki Nana

水樹奈奈巡迴演唱會 2019 香港站

Japanese singer Mizuki Nana has been learning music since her father’s strict teaching. She won the championship for the first time in the local singer contest in Japan. Her father, for her better person, developed the music path and set up for her at home. The sound room, the water tree Nana, which has a good foundation since childhood, has a strong comprehensive performance and a good dance background. The overall quality is much better than that of the general debut. At present, no one can completely imitate the water tree Nana. The voice, this is her uniqueness.

A good musician, not only must have a good psychological quality, but also have a professional level of skills, and for Shuishu Nana, she has all the skills, whether it is singing, or the tone has reached a higher level. Professional level, her concert in Japan, the lineup is very strong, no less than the world-class Michael Jackson lineup, 2 hours of long-lasting treble and even dancing in the dance can still be quite perfect, this is how good physical fitness. Especially her tone, the treble is very real, the rhythm is very strong, and has her own style, if anyone familiar with her singing, it is easy to recognize her voice. If you want to know her, I recommend a fast song album, “Warrior Singing“, to let you know what is the high frequency of sound.

Mizuki Nana is now 38 years old, but her smile gives an irresistible magic. Although there is no perfect body, good face, and height is only 153CN, but it is difficult for someone to surpass her, she brought it to fans. It is a relaxed and optimistic attitude. Her life tutor is her father. In the time of her father’s death, she is stronger and harder to make him stand on the peak of life. As long as she faces her smile, we have no reason to be sad.