Maroon 5 development history


The Maroon 5 band was founded in Los Angeles in 1994 and was a member of five high school students. Perhaps because of the germination and yearning of adolescence, the original band’s name is KARA Flower. But the glory and glory of the high school era are fleeting, and the five people must continue to develop after all. Later, they released a record “The Fourth World” under the record company Reprise, and the reaction was flat. I have to know how much pressure these words bring to them. In the United States, except for the real big names, most of the artists’ lives are very general. For their own musical ideals, they have to do their own every day. Like things, you have to fold for a bag of bread. Maroon 5 has been a warm guest, bar sing, commercial performances, touring performances and more. Five young people are at the crossroads of life and don’t know where they are going. Their collection of “Songs About Jane” (“Love Songs written by Jenny”) was also quietly placed in the record store for more than a year.
After more than a year of silence, the opportunity finally came. This book written for the former girlfriend was picked up by a broker and sizzled, and was named in the major American radio stations. And 2004 was the year when they started to make a big splash. Even the mainstream music market, Grammy, also favored this group of young people who insisted on the ideal, and sent the Best New Artist of 2005 to them. In the hands. Lead singer Adam sighed at the awards ceremony: “Two days ago, it was the anniversary of the 11th anniversary of our band, and today we won the Best Newcomer Award, which is very funny.”
Has a very typical American pop rock feature – “Aggressive” (impact and aggressive). Most of the songs except the love song “She Will be Loved”, the rhythm is always strong and weak, very pleasing to the ear, the lead singer Adam’s voice is also casual and unnecessary. Every time I listen to the song, especially the main single “This Love”, my brain will flash a vivid picture – five rock youths wearing jeans, hands in pockets, mouth licking one Root smoke, walking on the street without any scruples, with a look of no one who owes you to say: “This is the music I made, you love to listen, I DON’T CARE!”.