The magic combination of the east is still there


TVXQ is the Core of SM. From “Rising sun” to “Keep Your Head Down” singles, dong fong sung-ki’s songs and dances are far from the trend of Korean pop music. Even when the so-called Hooksong was popular, the beat was complex and strong, and the dance wasn’t easy to follow, but it needed to be appreciated. Dongfang shenqi maintains the original meaning of SMP. It is impossible to simply watch and enjoy the show. One must see their stage performance and get involved to become a true fan. The fan group of dongfang shenqi is very fanatical and its scale is very large. Like it or not, in the global portfolio, TVXQ can digest such a unique tendency to ‘watch music’. This is the power of the modern Oriental shenqi, S.M.

Dongfang shenqi is a very important word in the Korean music industry. They witnessed the rise of k-pop and laid bricks and stones for the rise of k-pop. They stood at the front of k-pop and wrote a miracle of dongfang shenqi for a long time.

From singing “as long as a day you warm bed” white teenager, to freely on the stage can spawn “she got something” yuppie man, 10 years of time, they transformed from “young” idol “predecessors”, from the boys grow into men, from love and honor each other teammates to a lifetime of brothers, along the way, have changed a lot, but they need to do to get the name “TVXQ” singer of beginner’s mind.