Love songs between Jacky Cheung and Cally Kwong


Jacky Cheung is the leading “god of song” in the Chinese music circle. The great empresses are fighting for the first person in the Chinese music circle. But as long asJacky Cheung is still singing, there is no doubt who is the first person in the Chinese music circle. Jacky Cheung is the most handsome of the four kings, but he is the most powerful singer, until now it is the year of flower armor, but still keep on concert everywhere, to contribute to the peace of the nation and the people. However, the reason why Jacky Cheung can be called “god of songs” is not only because of his contribution to the peace of the people of Cathay and Thailand, but also because of his strong singing skills, mainly because he sings love songs with special resonance. In the last century, when Jacky Cheung was a little flesh, he was known as the “Prince of Love Song.” Wang Lihong and others who started after him basically depended on him! It can be seen that Jacky Cheung’s love songs are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the most famous one should be kissing good-bye.
Because of Kissing Goodbye, Jacky Chang created a miracle in the Chinese music world and became a god of songs. Besides Kissing Goodbye, Jacky Chang also had numerous classical love songs, among which the love song for long-distance lovers was “Only Love Forever” with Kuang Meiyun. At that time, Kuang Meiyun was also a famous music queen, and the love song Prince Jacky Cheung cooperation this song “only love forever”, interpretation of the countless helplessness and courage of long-distance love, singing into the hearts of countless netizens so as to cause heartache.
In “Only Love Forever”, Kuang Meiyun sings: Some Dynasty will leave temporarily, Jacky Cheung sings: will not become an obstacle, and then two people sing together: in the breeze to find love, thousands of mountains to find love. Helpless is to leave, but there is also that will not be an obstacle to the courage ah! The love songs of Jacky Cheung and Cally Kwong interpreted the helplessness and bravery of long-distance love.