Louis Koo helps the lineup of the children’s concert


According to Hong Kong media reports, Joey Yung [microblogging] concert was in full swing, the last night has gone to the eleventh, and invited the “most popular male singer” Gu Tianle [microblogging] as a guest. Gu Tianle, who is ill, is very excited. He rarely sings and dances on the stage. He also asked the first public singer to sing twice. He also invited fans to take photos, which is quite coquettish. crazy!

Those who came to the party that night had almost every night to appear in the Red House owners Yang Shoucheng, Cai Yizhi [microblogging] couples, and before the introduction of the guests, Joey Yung asked everyone to guess: “This male god, no one in Hong Kong does not like him. He has been hurting me since he was a child. He used to be a guest at my concert. “Yong Zuer led the audience to dance the “Bai Shen Dance” movement of this episode to give gifts to Gu Tianle. At the beginning, when the “Popular Pop” music was heard, Gu Tianle made the first live interpretation of this song. Everyone was very excited. Gu Tianle sang and shook hands with the audience, and immediately pushed the atmosphere to the boiling point. The entire Red Pavilion was called to be shattered. Joey Yung couldn’t help but say, “My eleventh performance guest, Louis Koo, is really turning people down!”

Gu Tianle claimed to be on the scene, and he did not try to perform the live performance before the explosion. Joey Yung said: “Yes, he has not performed this classic song in the life. It really hurts me. Is it owed me? Do you remember that I have been a guest of my concert many years ago?” Gu Tianle said with a smile, “You really demented me, I used to take photos with you.” Joey Yung said: “Yes, that When you are still filming, I bumped into you on the TV station, of course, I will not let go of the opportunity. It is this photo taken to get you! Haha, I am joking, you are so white, but it is not very dark now.” The audience laughed.